10 Power Tools for Woodworking That Every Woodworker Need to Know

Woodworking is an intricate task involving immense craftsmanship and creativity. When you start to learn woodworking, you will be surprised to see that there are dozens of woodworking tools are out there. Each tool performs some specific tasks. However, here we want to limit our discussion to only power tools. According to ToolsHaunt.com, both novice and professional woodworkers need to get acquainted with the following ten working woodworking tools.

1. Jointer

Woodworkers use a jointer woodworking tool to flatten the surface of an irregular shape timber. It can straighten the wooden surface in such an effective way to remove arches and bows from the wood board, making it a completely flat plank. It is the most useful tool in a workshop because every woodworking project starts with the use of a jointer. 

2. Planer

A similar woodworking tool is a planer. It is another surface preparation tool that, too, can flatten the wood surface by removing wood. However, a planer is used to thicken the wood surface according to your desired flatness. After flattening the wood piece by using a jointer, it is then fed into a planner to make it thicken enough so that it can be joined together to the wood piece of equal thickness. In other words, workers use the planer to get a wood piece of precise thickness.

Since jointers and planers functionalities are similar, many people mistakenly think that they can get away with using only one tool. But upon closer scrutiny, you will understand the difference between jointer and planer. A jointer is used to make a board’s edge and face smooth while a planer is used to make a board of uniform thickness. Their (jointers and planers) functionalities are not interchangeable. In a complicated woodworking project, using both jointer and planer are essential. You can choose the best planner from reading this post

3. Drill Press

A drill press is a common tool for every workshop. The tool is used to make holes in a hard surface. Apart from making holes, the device is also used to make square holes.

A drill press is an essential tool for woodworkers. There are a few reasons why the device is an indispensable woodworking tool.

First, the tool's accuracy. When it comes to making holes with precise angle, depth, and a width drill press is superior to that of a hand-held drill. A drill press can also make identical holes. 

Second, the speed of the drill press. A drill press can create or recreate holes quickly. The hole-making process by using a drill press is also less tedious than that of a hand drill.

Third, the power of the device. A drill press is a powerful machine that is compatible with large size drill bits.

Fourth, the Functionality of the tool. By using a drill press, you can make holes in unsteady wooden objects, for example, on furniture legs.

Fifth, the versatility of the drill press. You can attach other tools with the device, for example, a mortise and make rectangular or square-shaped holes. You can also attach a spindle sander with the tool and adjust the speed of the motor to make the wood sanding process easier and faster. The power of the drill press is so extensive that you can even make holes on metal.

Sixth, the safety feature of the tool. Since you control the speed of the tip, you can reduce the chance of tip breaking. Besides, you can firmly clamp the workpiece on top of the drill press table in order to lessen the chances of something happening unwanted. 

4. Band Saw

A band saw is a useful wood cutting device. It can make a curved cut thanks to the inclusion of a serrated blade in its design. Unlike other wood cutting tools like a scroll saw or jigsaw, a band saw can cut much thicker wood pieces. Besides cutting curves, a band saw can also cut in straight lines. When it comes to cutting an intricate pattern on a wood piece, a band saw does the job magnificently

5. Circular Saw

Circular saw is another indispensable woodworking power tool. It is a hand-held electric-powered wood cutting device that can also be used for cutting other materials. This power tool is used for crosscutting wood. A circular saw can left-handed or right-handed depending on the position of the side of the blade. 

6. Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is a common tool for wood workshops. It is a sharpening tool that is used to sharpen other tools.  

7. Power Drill

A power drill is a portable, battery-powered drilling machine that is used to make holes in metal, plastic, or wood. There are different types of power drills available on the market. The most common three are regular drills, impact drivers, and hammer drills. Regular power drills have both commercial and residential use. However, commercial power drills come with higher voltage and greater power than those of residential power drills.  

8. Wood Router

A wood-router is an electrically powered device that is used to cut perfect rabbets and dadoes and to create an impeccable wood pattern or profile. It is an essential tool to make cabinetry. Routers are also used to cut other materials like plastic and Aluminium as well. 

Wood routers do not come in one size fits all shape or style. Depending on woodworking project requirements, manufacturers produce different styles of wood routers. Consequently, you will find different styles of wood router on the market.

Woodworkers use a wood router to make many of our household furniture. They use the tool to make Picture frames, desks, doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. Do you love wood engraving? By using a wood router, you can make an intricate and artistic decorative design on doors, cabinets, windows, wooden frames, and much more. 

9. Sander

Sanders is a pretty useful tool in woodworking industry. They are used to smooth out rough wood surfaces. There are different types of sanders used in different woodworking projects. A few of these sanders are belt sander, disc sander, detail sander, drywall sander, file sander, and an orbital sander.

Each of the sanders comes with unique functionality. Disc sander, for example, is used for a smooth finish. A belt sander is used to remove varnish and paint from old furniture. File sanders feature a narrow belt. They are ideal for smooth hard to reach areas. 

10. Table Saw

Commercial woodworking projects begin with the advent of the table saw. The tool makes cutting wood extremely easy. When it comes to cutting a lot of wood with the identical dimension, a Table saw is an indispensable woodworking power tool. The tool features an adjustable blade. You can adjust the position of the blade to make an angular cut of the wood. 


If you are DIY enthusiasts or planning to open a new carpentry business, you need to be knowledgeable about different types of woodworking power tools. By the above discussion, we introduce you with ten most useful power tools in woodworking industry.

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