Where Do You Put A Shower Curtain Rod?

Placing the right thing in the right place is a very important thing when it comes to decorate your home. Keeping items on its best suitable place not only enhance the beauty of your house but also increase your convenience in handling or using that object.

However, everyone wants to decorate their bathroom with beautiful tiles, shower, shower curtain, vanity and faucet. A shower curtain may seem an insignificant part of your bathroom but when you install it properly into your bathroom, surely you will feel the difference.

But, where do you put a shower curtain rod?

This is the question that may come across your mind while thinking of setting a shower curtain.

Guess what? This article is about that exact topic that you are looking for. Yes, here I will discuss ideas about different placement position of a shower curtain rod.

Where Should Shower Curtain Rod Be Placed? 4 Options to Choose

A shower curtain increases the beauty of your bathroom and provides you added privacy. You may hang more than one curtain in the bathroom to make it look more gorgeous. A perfect shower curtain rod will assist you in holding these curtains. If you place these curtain rods wisely, your shower room will have a classical look.

After all, the rod placement must be planned correctly to achieve the proper function of the curtain.    

1. Inside The Tub

Inside the tub

You can hang the curtain rod in the inside part of the tub if your bathroom is not that big. But in that case, you need to use a waterproof curtain as it will get in touch with water most of the time. However, it may cause problems while showering if your curtains are too long. So, you place the shower in the inside part of the tub, measure and use the correct sized curtain.

2. Outside Edge of The Tub

Outside edge of the tub

It is the most popular option as you can hang any beautifully decorative curtain on the rod if you placed it outside edge of the tub. Moreover, there is no chance of getting the curtain wet as they are placed on the outside edge. But, you need to buy a longer rod and wider curtain to place it the outside edge of the tub.

3. Centring over The Tub Curb

Centring over the tub curb

 If you want to balance between the first two options then you can opt for this choice. Centring over the tub curb will provide a unique look to your bathroom. Additionally, you will get a bit extra place inside your bathroom and don’t need to spend extra money buying big curtains and long rod.

4. Completely outside The Tub

Completely outside the tub

It will be a wise decision to place the shower curtain rod completely outside of the tub if you owe a large luxurious bathroom. It will make a separate showering portion of the tub. In addition to that, it will ensure that you get more room for having a comfy shower.


A shower curtain rod holds the curtains nicely to avoid water from splashing onto your bathroom tiles. Besides providing a comfy bathroom shower, it also enhances the beauty of your washroom with its wonderful design and models

In this article, I have provided you with four options for placing the shower rod. Now it completely depends on your choice on where do you put a shower curtain rod.  So, wisely choose a shower curtain rod that will save your time and money while ensuring an exotic look of your bathroom.


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