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Let’s be honest. Not everyone can squeeze in the time-consuming and energy-draining task of cleaning their homes due to endless days of tight schedules. But despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life, who says cleaning can’t be a breeze? All it takes is one call and few helping hands! 

Hello Housekeeping?

Before getting your hands on the phone ready to book the perfect maid service, it’s always important to know what to expect from your housekeepers. Whether you’re looking for a top to bottom deep house cleaning, getting your place prepped and ready  for moving-in and out, or if you're simply looking for a service to get your home, it's a regular cleaning routine done. Any professional house cleaner is trained to get the job done, depending on what your home needs. And if you know what you need, it’ll be much easier to get it when you ask for it! 

Here, we’ve created a simple yet optimal list of processes most house cleaning services do to keep your humble abode spick and span in no time:

Deep Cleaning

Deep house cleaning generally involves a more rigorous process of cleaning to effectively get rid of bacteria, dirt and grime that has been accumulating around your home. This doesn’t just keep your home clean and pristine, but also leaves it safe and healthy for family, friends and pets.

-Dusting surfaces, ceiling, fan blades, wall art, doorknobs, and every hard-to-reach corner.

-Cleaning the doors/door frames and air vents.

-Professional vacuuming and extensive mopping of the bedroom floor.

-Scrub off tough grease stains and scorch marks on ovens and other kitchen appliances.

-Clean the sinks, faucets, and crevices on the kitchen countertops and walls.

-Wipe down the kitchen counter, cabinets, fixtures, and glasses.

-Get rid of all the soap scum and mold in the bathroom.

-Remove stains and disinfect showers, sinks, toilet bowls and shower heads.

-Sanitize towels and curtains.

-Clean the walls, tiles and doors.

-Wipe down other surfaces. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Regular cleaning services cater to households that simply need its standard or light cleaning routine done. Usually, each cleaning company out there will offer one-time, weekly, biweekly or monthly scheduled cleaning services depending on your preferences.

-Dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures

-Removing cobwebs

-Dusting woodwork, moldings, and baseboards

-Dusting and polishing furniture, picture frames, and general home appliances

-Scrubbing stovetops and drip pans

-Scrubbing and disinfecting all sinks, tiles, bathtubs, toilet bowls, towel bars, and more

-Vacuuming and mopping all types of floors and stairs

Move-in and Move-out

We all know how packing and unpacking can be quite hectic. Not to mention, moving houses leaves you the daunting task of preparing and cleaning your home for the move. Fear not, for move-in and move-out cleaning involves a thorough cleaning process for each room in your home allowing you to focus on other important matters!

-General dusting

-Cleaning and polishing the sink and faucets

-Cleaning the exterior and interior of appliances (fridge, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.)

-Cleaning and disinfecting all the surfaces

-Hand-washing the dishes

-Vacuuming and mopping the floor

-Emptying wastebaskets

-Cleaning the kitchen doors and their frames

-Cleaning the cabinets

-Cleaning baseboards

-Cleaning furniture and other interior décor items

-Cleaning and disinfecting bathtubs, showers, mirrors, shower doors, towel bars, and toilets

-Removing stubborn stains from bathtubs, showers, and shower walls

-Washing the shower curtains

-Cleaning the cabinets and baseboards

-Cleaning all types of doors

-Dusting window sills and blinds

-Hand dusting all surfaces including tables, dressers, chairs, and stands

-Changing linen from beds

-Vacuuming the furniture, floor and basic carpet cleaning

-Scrubbing and mopping the floor, stairs, and baseboards

-Cleaning ceilings fans

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Looking for the perfect maid service means knowing what type of cleaning your home needs. The best maid services will guarantee its customers’ only the best and quality service. This means being reliable, efficient and professional when it comes to their work.

Professional house cleaning services will not just provide different affordable services that suits different customers’ needs, but will also provide a transparent checklist of their processes, cleaning products and cleaning supplies to ensure you and your family a safe and healthy home environment.

Of course, these days it’s so easy to book an appointment right away but also remember that it’s important to look for cleaning companies that ultimately prioritizes its customers’ trust, safety and security. Be on the lookout for maid service companies that provide skilled and well trained maids and housekeepers. Consider looking into services with years of experience and accreditation as well.

Gone are the days of stress and worry! Different house cleaning companies are already available at the palm of your hands. Just sit back, relax and let Modern Maids be that service you need to make cleaning much easier!

Vera Watson

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