Does Your Basement In Philadelphia, PA, Need Waterproofing?

It can be virtually impossible for Pennsylvania homeowners to keep a basement from developing dampness. The sight of wet walls is disheartening to residents fearful of potential leaks and puddles accumulating on the floor that lay stagnating. There can be numerous causes for the moisture, including cracks in the foundation.

Fortunately, these issues are resolvable with an adequate inspection from the appropriate professional in a timely fashion. Ignoring even a slight bit of moisture invites the possibility for worse problems like mold developing.

The growth of this fungus is rapid. Plus, neglected leaks surrounding the foundation can result in failure of the structure leading to extensive costs down the road than if caught early and handled.

One solution to consider, basement waterproofing, Philadelphia, PA, can help residents in the area avoid the wetness from getting out of hand. The ideal contractor should provide certification from an authoritative organization and adequate experience in the industry to assure you that the professional can remediate your issue entirely and correctly.

How Can You Tell Your Philadelphia, PA, Basement Needs Waterproofing?

Water can create extensive structural damage to a home. When a homeowner in Pennsylvania notices moisture developing in the basement, the first indication is to contact a professional to inspect the area.

There are numerous reasons dampness happens, but the important thing is to resolve the issue immediately to avoid severe repercussions, including health risks from the possibility of mold. You can anticipate water intruding into the walls, insulation, even into the framing if left neglected.

As a homeowner, it’s essential to pay attention to warning signs that might be subtle in the beginning so you can handle the problem early. Click for guidance on how to spot a wet basement. If you notice any indications either inside or outside, contact an expert waterproofing professional for an inspection.

Make sure to compare a few contractors before committing to the one that can best meet your needs. You’ll want to ensure the individual is someone with whom you can share open, clear communication if you need further maintenance. Some signs that you need to reach out to the experts right away include:

Puddles Developing On The Floor

If you see water accumulating in puddles on the floor after heavy rainfall without dissipating instead of stagnating, you need to make the call. It’s the ideal breeding ground for mold, pests, germs, and overall unhealthy conditions.

Staining On The Walls Or Floor

Pay attention to faint stains on the walls and floors. It shows that rain is getting into the room with the potential for creating damage if left to worsen.

Substantial Leaks In The Walls/Floor

If you visibly see water leaking in from the walls or up through the floor with rainfall, this can lead to significant issues for the overall structure, including soaking the insulation, getting into the drywall, and possibly saturating the framing weakening the material eventually.

Condensation On The Windows/Doors

Continued condensation on the doors and windows is an indication that the basement is damp. Swelling and warping of the doors is also an indication there is a significant amount of moisture making its way into the room somehow.

Generally, people blame warped doors on excessive heat in the summertime creating “swelling,” while the material constricts in the winter. Given an even temperature, the problem will be more about water content in the room.

A waterproofing contractor can inspect to make a determination and resolve the issue.

A Musty Smell That Sticks

If you have a musty, mildew smell that you can’t get rid of, that’s consistent with a damp area. The smell typically won’t go away despite the effort because the moisture needs resolving first.

Visible Signs Of Mold/Mildew

If you see mold growing in your home and signs of mildew, there’s water stagnating in the area to create the fungus and is likely doing more damage, but these growths are putting your health at risk.

You need this removed immediately (after you evacuate) and the dampness taken care of right away, plus inspections to see what other damages you might be facing.

Choose The Waterproofing Contractor for Your Basement

Unfortunately, signs often go unnoticed until there are significant problems with which to contend. Or worse, the dampness doesn’t have an adequate solution, instead continuing to fester. In either situation, repercussions can involve a compromised foundation that will have to be fixed for the integrity of the overall structure.

That can lead to extensive costs far exceeding what it would be to call a certified Philadelphia waterproofing contractor from the start to adequately handle the moisture without any further consequences. Learn details on waterproofing basement walls and costs at


It’s wise for a responsible homeowner to include checking for water in the basement as a regular household maintenance task and do so frequently to look for signs as mentioned here.


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