Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair Service

Water is a vital resource in every household. The quality and quantity of water you receive at home can affect the value of your property in the long run. It also keeps your house clean and prevents damages from getting worse. Moreover, water is also crucial for your own and your family's overall health and wellness. Staying healthy will become an easier task if your home has access to clean and potable water.

A water heater is a smart investment that can improve your home's water supply. This fixture provides hot or warm water using a heat transfer process. A water heater can make bathing, cleaning, and cooking more enjoyable and convenient.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a water heater at home, take the time to regularly check its condition. This can be done manually or have it checked by a reputable plumber. If you haven’t hired a reputable plumber that’s within your area yet, you can always go online and key in “plumbing near me.” This is one of the fastest ways to secure a plumber within the locality. 

If you see any of the signs listed below, have it repaired as soon as possible:

1. Irregular Water Temperature

Irregular Water Temperature

One of the primary functions of a water heater is to produce hot or warm water. This feature can be very beneficial, especially for households who live in colder areas. Taking a shower or preparing meals early in the morning can become easier tasks when you have a water heater at home.

However, if you see yourself freezing in the shower or washing fruits with cold water even with the water heater on, it might be time to hire a repair service. Experiencing fluctuating water temperature for a long period is a telltale sign that something’s wrong with your water heater, and it needs a repair fast.

Keeping a water heater that doesn't provide any hot water is a waste of floor space and money.

Irregular water temperature is a result of the accumulation of mineral deposits in your water heater. Over time, mineral deposits from water can build up inside your water heater and cover essential components that produce heat. The older your water heater is, the more mineral deposit buildup it has inside.

2. Water Discoloration

Water Discoloration

As mentioned, clean and potable water is necessary for every household. Your entire family needs to drink water regularly to keep their bodies healthy and safe from illnesses and diseases. Proper hydration is also important to maintain the overall function of the organs and systems in your body.

But, if the water from your faucet is rusty, brown, or contains some dark particles, be wary. Drinking and using this kind of water can lead to a web of problems, such as:

  • Rusty water can mean that bacteria are present. Drinking this kind of water can result in serious health hazards to your family, especially for children.
  • Using this water with your appliances can also trigger and expedite corrosion. Brown or rusty water can lessen the lifespan of your dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Watering your plants with rusty water can cause a buildup in the plant itself. As a result, your plants will wilt and eventually die.

If you notice water discoloration at home, your water heater can be one of the suspects. Water discoloration is a common problem caused by a damaged water heater because of sedimentation. This process is used to remove solid particles from the water supply.

However, an older water heater might not quickly deposit removed particles out from the system, causing it to dissolve inside the water heater. In some cases, rusty tanks and pipes are the culprits why you're seeing water discoloration.

Instead of spending time guessing what the cause of the problem is, opt to call water heater repair services the moment you notice water discoloration at home. A professional has the necessary skills and tools to check, diagnose, and repair your problems on water discoloration.

3. Limited Supply Of Hot Water

Limited Supply Of Hot Water

A water heater is an expensive investment, but with the benefits it provides, buying one is a smart investment. This fixture can make your own and your family's lives more convenient, comfortable, and clean.

The money you've paid for your water heater will be useless if you can't take a shower with hot water from start to finish. Turning on your shower might allow you to enjoy hot water, but can you still enjoy the same temperature as you're rinsing off? Or do you always see yourself completing a shower with cold water?

Running out of hot water too fast is also a sign that your water heater needs immediate repair.

This problem can indicate that several heating components of your water heater are damaged or malfunctioning. Leaving this problem unaddressed can create more significant damages and affect other components that were initially in good condition.

Your water heater is a big fixture designed to store and heat gallons of water. Its mechanism is built to provide a continuous supply of hot water even if several people are using your home's plumbing fixture simultaneously. So, if your water heater at home no longer works this way, call a professional repair service right away.

4. Funny Noises From The Tank

Funny Noises From The Tank

The hot water produced by your water heater isn't magic. Your water heater is powered by a motor to effectively heat and produce hot water whenever needed. A water heater brings in cold water through a dip tube and heats it using several electric heating components. As a result, hot water rises inside the tank and circulates in your home through pipes.

Water undergoes through a lot of processes before it turns hot, which is why hearing a wild buzz and rumbling sound is common when you have a water heater at home. Hearing these sounds can indicate that your water heater is running. However, if these noises become too loud that you can only hear loud popping and banging whenever you turn on your water heater, that's another story.

Unusual and loud noises produced by your water heater are a cause for concern that should prompt you to call repair services.

There are two common reasons why your water heater suddenly becomes too noisy. Generally, this problem is often caused by:

  • Excessive amounts of mineral deposits inside the tank and pipes of your water heater can also cause your water heater to make unnecessary and loud noises when used. These deposits can build up around the heating components of your water heater, and impair their heating capabilities. With too much mineral buildup inside your water heater, its heating components are forced to work harder than usual in order to produce hot water.
  • In some cases, noises can be caused by a broken dip tube. Once left unrepaired, this problem can cause cold and hot water to mix, reducing the efficacy of the heating components of your water heater.

Regardless of the possible cause of the problem, it's best if you call professionals the moment you notice that your water heater is noisier than usual. Even if your water heater still provides hot water, if it's causing too much noise whenever used, it can imply that this fixture isn't performing its best.

5. Leaking Water

Leaking Water

Although one of the most common plumbing problems, any leaks from your water heater is still a cause for concern. This problem can cause several other problems, namely:

  • Over time, leaks can weaken the structure of your home. Once moisture has seeped into the walls and floorings, your home becomes susceptible to more significant damages caused by extreme weather conditions. Strong winds, for example, can easily cause your weak walls to fall. This structural problem can be very expensive to repair
  • Termites and other pests will only need moisture to thrive. If you continue using a leaking water heater, it'll be very easy for these pesky pests to enter and live in your home. Once they’ve infiltrated your home, they’ll chew on your drywall and wooden furniture. You'll be surprised how a single termite can multiply in hundreds within months just because of a leaking water heater
  • Leaks, regardless of how small, can also cause slip and fall accidents at home. If your water heater is in an area where your kids often play, leaks can put their safety at risk. Any slip and fall accidents can result in injuries. Aside from missing days from school, a single slip and fall accident can usually cause you to break the bank. Being financially unprepared for these accidents can result in debts and even bankruptcy
  • When appliances and furniture are near the pool of water caused by the leaks, it won't be long before these pieces are damaged. Any of these problems require expensive repairs and replacements
  • If you're keeping some of your family's heirlooms, a leaking water heater can become the reason why these pieces will lose their value and become irreparable

You can prevent all of these from happening by calling professional repair services the moment you hear and see leaks from your water heater. The sooner you have this problem repaired, the cheaper and easier solutions you'll have to invest in.

Work With Pros

Once you've ticked any of the signs listed in this article, start looking for a reliable water heater repair service from your area. Make sure that you're only entrusting your water heater to trained, licensed, and friendly professionals.

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