9 Walk-In Shower Ideas That’ll Transform Your Bathroom

On average, we spend 92 days of our lives on the toilet, and that's just on the toilet alone!

When you take other activities into account (such as brushing our teeth, washing our faces, taking showers, etc.), then the time we spend in the bathroom shoots up even more.

Considering we utilize this space so much, you should make it an area that's interesting to look at and great to enjoy. One thing you can consider is revamping your shower!

Interested in hearing more? Then here are 9 walk-in shower ideas that'll transform your bathroom from boring to amazing.

1. Recessed Walls

Walk-in showers are usually very simple and don't have ledges to put items on like with tubs. This can be annoying at times, especially if you're not able-bodied. Every time you reach for your shampoo or soap, you have to bend all the way down to pick each tube up and then set them down.

Make your showers much simpler by having a recessed wall put in. You can then easily reach everything you need without bending completely over.

You can even have more recessed shelves on the outside so you can store towels, toilet paper, and extra toiletries.

2. Rainfall Showerhead

Your current showerhead may be sufficient, but admittedly, it's a bit boring. Your walk-in shower looks like every other one, after all.

You can bump it up a notch by installing a rainfall showerhead. You can get some huge ones that hang from the ceiling, which makes it look like you have a giant sunflower growing inside your shower.

Not only does a rainfall showerhead look nice, but it feels nice too. Plus, you won't have to hold the showerhead in one hand. Just turn on the water, and

3. Cut-Out Shower Door

Everyone enjoys a hot shower, especially when it's cold. But if you stay in there long enough, it can get so steamy that you can't see anything and it becomes hard to breathe.

What if we told you that you can avoid all that? And still, have your scalding hot showers?

Not many people know about this, but you can get cut-out doors installed in your walk-in shower. That way, all the steam escapes out of your shower and into the bathroom. You'll be able to breathe easy and see clearly!

4. Shower Seat

Do you find yourself missing your tub since you have to stand in the shower all the time? You can always place a shower stool in there, but those are usually tacky and not so great to look at.

What you can do instead is install a beautiful floating marble shower seat. This gives you a small space to sit down or place some toiletries on.

It also adds extra dimension to your shower, which can make it more interesting to look at.

5. Nonenclosed Shower

When you hear the phrase "nonenclosed shower," you might think of the public shower room in your gym. That doesn't exactly exude elegance, does it?

But hear us out! If done correctly, you can transform your bathroom into a gorgeous space, without any glass doors. Choose some cute, dainty tiles in a pastel color and use them for the shower wall and the half-wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

You can also make the entire bathroom floor a uniform height to eliminate safety hazards that come with elevated steps.

6. Pure Glass Enclosure

If your walk-in shower is tiny and you always feel cramped, you can make a simple modification so it feels larger.

Replace the walls with glass; do this with at least 2 sides. Not only will this let more light in (which will make the space seem bigger), but it'll also give you a good view of the bathroom outside. While you're washing your hair or scrubbing your back, you can take a moment to admire the decor in your bathroom.

7. Mixed Tiles

Who says you have to pick one tile and stick with it for all the walls in your walk-in shower?

You should choose several in different colors and sizes, which can create a dazzling mosaic look when you walk into the bathroom. You can even do the same with your flooring to achieve a cohesive look all throughout.

The best thing about this revamp is you can do it yourself. It's easy to tile a shower!

8. Skylight

If your bathroom isn't well-lit and you always feel like you're showering in a cave, there's another solution other than investing in more lighting: installing a skylight.

While it may be cheaper to add more lighting, this just adds an artificial look, which can be harsh on the eyes. Instead, open up your ceiling to let streams of light pour in.

Not only will this give you breathtaking lighting inside, but you'll also get some vitamin D while you shower! If you ask us, it's a win-win situation.

9. Nix the Tub

Sure, it's nice to relax in the tub with a bubble bath every once in a while. But be honest: how often do you actually use it? We're guessing your tub's mostly neglected and instead, has become a storage area.

Get rid of the tub altogether and renovate your bathroom so your walk-in shower becomes larger and more luxurious. With the additional space, you can even turn it into a steam room!

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Use These Walk-In Shower Ideas to Perk Up Your Bathroom

With all these walk-in shower ideas, you now have tons of ways to completely change up your bathroom. From putting in new tiles to installing a skylight or completely renovating this space, there's bound to be an idea that's well-suited for your home and budget.

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