The Advantages of Using Polished Concrete Floors

Choosing the right flooring for your space, whether it is your office or your home can affect the overall aesthetic of the place. It is a big decision to make, especially since it is one of the elements in your space that will be permanent and difficult to replace. You have to take in a lot of factors into consideration, from cost, durability, to appearance and texture.

Concrete floors are a good choice for any type of setting, whether it is for a private property, or for your office or physical store. It gives off a very clean and polished look, without being too expensive to install.

Polished concrete floors can cost as little as $25 per square meter, while a grind and seal type of polished concrete will cost up to around $50 per square meter. Other types such as honed concrete and mechanically polished floors may cost you anywhere around $75 to $100 or more per square meter.

The use of polished concrete floors is considered a recent development but the use of concrete for construction has been around for a longer period. Polished concrete floors were first made in Europe during the 1990s. And since then, the use of polished concrete for flooring of offices and homes has become more known.

If you are a homeowner or a business who is looking for the right type of flooring for your property, then polished concrete might be just what you are looking for. Polished concrete floors are extremely strong and durable and there are a lot of options to choose from to fit the look you want.

Everything You Need To Know about Polished Concrete

polished concrete

The use of concrete has now become a more popular option for offices and homes, and it is important to know the differences of each type of polished concrete. One way to polish concrete is the grind and seal method. This is the least expensive way and it is done by either adding aggregate during the grinding process. You can also choose not to add it on your concrete floor. Aggregate is a material made of loosely compacted mass of sand, gravel, stone and other particles, and whether you choose to include it or not to your floor, polishing is still necessary. A non-penetrating sealer is used afterward to give the floor a polished outcome.

Another type of polished concrete floor is honed concrete and is similar to grind and seal, but it uses a penetrating sealer instead. This type of concrete is a little bit more expensive than the grind and seal type.

Mechanically polished concrete is the most expensive way to polish concrete. Sandpaper gives the floor a smoother look and then a densifier is added to the floor. This chemical reacts with the flooring and can take up a lot of time to do.

Each type of polished concrete also has different maintenance and lifespan. Grind and seal concrete is maintained by refinishing every five to ten years. Honed concrete lasts a little more without maintenance than grind and seal, but not as long as mechanically polished concrete which lasts much longer.

Polished Concrete Is More Than Just Plain Flooring 

When you think of polished concrete you might assume it is just a plain looking floor that is polished to a matt, satin or gloss finish. But contrary to what you think, polished concrete floors can actually be customized to different looks. The concrete floor for your home of your office can be colored, so the results won’t look bland and plain. You may also choose to have patterns placed in the concrete such as lines cut into the surface. A standard and plain concrete already looks elegant when polished, since it will have a lot of swirling patterns with different shades of gray that becomes more visible when the concrete is polished, but you can choose to further enhance your flooring by adding a design.

Adding aggregate to the floor adds color to a polished concrete. There are different types of aggregate which will result in different colors that can create a unique looking floor. You can also add color to the concrete to make the appearance of your floor more uniformed.

Although it will cost you a little more, you can choose to customize your polished concrete floors. Getting a concrete flooring company work on your floor will give you the results you want for your home or your business. Fluid Concrete offers a wide range of services for concrete flooring and renovations for private homes or commercial properties in Perth.

Getting an expert to work on your floors guarantees a stunning result. Creating more complex patterns and choosing different materials for your floor means that the price for the polished concrete will be more expensive. That is why opting for a reliable professional will help you get the results you want. Expert concreters can create almost any pattern, by using different methods and materials that fit the type of home or business.

Choosing a good flooring for your property is a huge decision. You have to factor in a lot such as costs, appearance and lifespan before deciding on the best option. Polished concrete floors are generally the most cost efficient since it is more durable and has a longer lifespan than other types of flooring. If you want to save money but not sacrifice quality and aesthetics, then polished concrete flooring is the best option you have.


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