Pros & Cons of Using A Generator – Plus Safety Tips!

As we all know, generators have become an important part of our everyday lives. Not only because of its function to provide electricity at the most needed time but also because of what it contributes to the economy. After all, big businesses need back-up power to ensure smooth operational activities.

However, before we discuss the good things it has to offer our society, let us take a look first to the dangers it can bring. As much as possible, generators need to be well maintained all the time. This ensures the use of its full potential. And without taking care of it, it could cause a great problem.

In this article, let us be familiar with the advantages of generators to the people and the environment. Let us see the benefits and dangers it creates. In addition to that, let us be mindful of the safety precautionary measures that one needs to learn just in case there is an emergency. Let us all go through it one by one.

Let us get to know about the hazards of having a generator by answering the questions below. Click here for more information.

Some FAQs About The Risk Factors of Using Industrial Generators

What Is Carbon Monoxide Or CO? Is This Harmful To Health?

Answer: According to Mayo Clinic, “Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas produced by burning gasoline, propane, charcoal or other fuel.” Equipment that is not properly maintained could emit carbon monoxide in the air. Yes, this is harmful to the health of those who inhale it. This can poison one’s body.

How Does It Emit Carbon Monoxide?

Answer: Generators could also emit this kind of chemical. Portable generators are known to have caused numerous deaths due to carbon monoxide. This happens when the fuel is burned which causes this chemical to spread in the air. Once it spread in the air, it could put one’s life in danger.

Are There Dangers To Using Generators? How Does It Happen?

Short answer: There is fire and electrocution to worry about. Fire occurs when there is an overloading of current in the device. Also, if the device is exposed to water or rain that could spark a fire. On the other hand, electrocution happens when there is no proper installment of the transfer switch. Using the device under wet conditions could also start electrocution.

Now that we are familiar with the possible risks this machinery can cause to people and the environment, this time let us understand why the benefits of using them are too good to ignore.

Top Advantages Of Having A Generator Around

It Provides Continued Life Living

The electricity it provides gives opportunities to people to continue their work and chores. Its sole purpose is to help people do important things without suffering from an interrupted power supply. Moreover, it saves us by giving comfort and security while inside the area.

It Allows People to Do Various Activities

This applies to those who have portable ones. Because it is lightweight, you can bring it anywhere. If you are planning to have camping or boating with your family or friends, this will be a good device to bring. It will provide you the electricity that you need for the time.

It Offers an Eco-friendly Device

Since climate change has been a major issue nowadays, there has been a shift to more eco-friendly generators. This could be a natural gas or solar generator. Natural gas is better to diesel and does not pose risk in emitting fumes. Solar panels are considered harmless to the environment.

In addition, if you’re getting one from a leading provider like, you can be sure that risk factors are minimized by a whole lot. But just to be on the safe side of things, let us discuss to the safety precautionary measures involved in using one. How do we keep our generators in good condition?

Important Safety Precautionary Measures To Know About

Survey The Appliances That Will Be Plugged in The Generator

It’s not just about having one for your workplace or home, it is the matter of considering the appliances that would need its power. Consult your supplier to compute the wattage that the device must-have. This saves the device from malfunctioning or getting overloaded.

Never Store Your Generator inside Your House

We learned about the carbon monoxide, which labels the portable generators as “silent killers.” Just like the car engine does, it is unsafe to keep your device inside your house or even in your garage. There have been cases of death where people are unaware of getting poisoned. Keep it away from people.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

It will detect the presence of the chemical inside your house or working place. Just in case there is, the alarm will ring. And when you hear it, you have to evacuate the place as soon as possible. Install this near your bedrooms or places where people are working. This will save you and others from harm.

Inspect Possible Device Damage

Read the manual first. It will tell you how to troubleshoot the device. But just in case you cannot do it, call your supplier to assist you with this. Some of the damages that you can encounter are no or low power output, overheating of cables, the engine lacks speed or instability of output voltage.


This device has indeed contributed advantages to the people and the environment. Yet, there are still possibilities that it could harm you, others and the environment. To prevent this from happening, it is best to follow safety precautionary measures when using it. There you can secure your life.


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