Top Tips In Using A Washing Machine

Washing dirty clothes are one chore that has been around for many years. You can ask your grandparents and they will tell you about their experience in the early days. During the old days, they had to use their two arms to wring out the clothes to get it ready for drying. But thanks to Alva Fishes, our lives became easier with the use of a washing machine.

Now, many people love laundry day, unlike other days. The secret can be in the details. The tips and tricks can be learned and collected for many years. With the tips below, your laundry day can be a lot easier.

Get Your Clothes Ready

This is the most important step. You have to get your clothes ready before washing them. Remove the pins, buckles, and buttons. Unzip the zippers and close the snaps and hooks. Make sure to secure the Velcro to prevent abrasion and snags. Finally, check the pockets of your clothes because there might be important things which you don’t want to get wet and be destroyed during the washing period. You can check out the new washing machines at The Good Guys if you are interested.

Don’t Lose the Socks 

You don’t have to waste money by buying new socks for losing one piece every laundry day. Indeed, these little pieces of cloth have their way of sneaking out of the basket. The next time you do the laundry, keep them together in a pillowcase. This will prevent these socks from getting separated.

Separate Light and Heavy Clothes 

Light and heavy clothes refer to different soiled clothes. Make sure to keep a separate basket for both of them. This will save you from a lot of laundry problems in the end.

Why do you have to keep your clothes separately? Separating the light clothes with heavy clothes will prevent it from damage. This means that you don’t have to buy new leggings faster.

Remove the Stains First 

The majority of us commit a mistake by thinking that when we wash stained clothes in the washing machine, the stains will be cleaned simultaneously. However, this is a wrong concept.

The best thing to try for stained clothes is to remove first the stains. Then, you can now put it into the washer. You can check out the new washing machines at The Good Guys if you are interested.

Turn the Clothes Inside Out 

I know you hate the feeling whenever your favorite denim jeans fade. To prevent this thing to happen, make sure that you turn your jeans inside out to avoid fading.

You can wash your dark clothes with cold water. With this, it can prevent fading and it can keep the original color intact. The cold water can set the dye into the fabric. This will prevent the dye to flow away in the wash water.

Use a DIY Fabric Softener 

Are you allergic to some of the chemicals you use to soften the clothes? Indeed, the residues can aggravate allergies which can build up moisture.

As such, you can use a DIY softener with the use of simple household ingredients. Add white vinegar into the water during the final rinse. Make sure not to mix chlorine and vinegar in the washer.

Vera Watson

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