Different Type of Brickies Sand and Where to Use It

Brickies Sand is a combo mixture of other sands, and it contains high content of clay which is called fatty sand. It is also known as bricklaying sand. Its use is in mortar to lay down the bricks. When workers mix it with cement its water holding capacity will increase. Lime can be added to this to improve its workability as brickies sand Perth. It makes the wall flexible and gives smoothness with strength. Different categories of sand supplies in Perth, but among them brickies sand is the most usable one. If you want to take brickies sand from your near place, you can go for Allsands. They supply different sizes and quantities of sands in Perth.

During building construction, brickie sand is used mostly with lime. Lime is not only used for flexibility, but also for various purposes. Such as at the time of the earthquake, we see many buildings with cracks, chasms, and different problems. Lime is used for those cracks also. As the wall of the building is not necessary to break and build a new one. So, this is an essential step to reform the damaged wall of a building.

Types Of Brickies Sand

There are three types of brickie sand supplies in Perth. They are White Brickie Sand, Red Brickie Sand, and Yellow Brickie Sand.

1. Red Brickie Sand

It is made from handy elements that are used to form a brick wall. It is also used for mortar and landscaping productions. It is more suitable for a pool project. It is natural and reputed sand that gives the workers a great result. Not only that, but it is also a long-lasting material to satisfy the owners.

2. Yellow Brickie Sand

This is used in earthworks and landscaping works. It is common brickie sand mostly used in the masonry and bricklaying industry. In most of the construction works, yellow brickie sands are seen. As it is the master mix of sands, and can easily mix with cement. This yellow color is more used than red and white brickie sands. When this yellow brickie sand is mixed, it is also referred to as fatty sand. It is used in bricklaying, filling, and paving. Lastly, it can be used for outdoor pools.

3. White Brickie Sand

This sand has high demand among the public of industry, construction, building, landscaping, etc. It is used in mortar creation also. By using this, all professionals can get a great amount of quantity and quality to do their work. It mixes so easily with cement and is used in paving and laying bricks. It is very popular because this work can easily be done with such a great concrete element.

Source Of Brick Sand

There are two main sources of brickies sand in Perth:

1. Depositional sand

2. Dune sand

Depositional sand is obtained by dredging in rivers, and Dune sands are obtained from coastal areas.

After lifting the depositional sand, it is washed, so that its shape changes from an angular shape to an oval one. Dune sand is angular in shape, and hence this naming. Soil is rarely mixed with it.

Both types of sand can be used but suppliers mix 50-50 sand. But they have to pass the AS1141.1 sieve test which shows the weight of sand. The standard for brick sand in Australia is "a 75um sieve of sand should not exceed 9%”.

Where To Find Brick Sand

Before buying sand, check the supplier's AS3700 standard certificate, then you will then be assured that you have received advanced sand that has passed AS 1141.1 sieve testing. If you want to get quality improved sand, you can go to Premium Allsands Sand Supply Company which is a family-run company. They supply high-quality brickies sand in Perth for your brick kiln business and low sand price. Their main goal is to meet the needs of the customer. Get in touch with Premium Allsands today to get high-quality sand without delay.

Final Words

Throughout the article, you will learn about different types of brick sand and their sources. Learn about the quality of brick and “Premium All Sands” company sand supplies in Perth. Lots of construction work is done during the day, so that sand is needed a lot later. The building with good quality sand lasts for many days. So, before building anything, you should check the quality of sand.

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