5 Best Tips to Renovate Your Condo

Renovating a house and renovating a condominium might look similar to you, but the whole process is quite different. The condo renovations come with their own set of challenges, limitations, and possibilities, all of which you should take into consideration before starting with the project. Whether it is just a kitchen renovation, bathroom, bedrooms, or the whole shebang, condo renovation is not an easy task.

However, that doesn’t mean the process cannot be fun. If you know what you should or should not do, you can remodel your condo without any hassle. That is why we have put together some tips for you so that your exciting experience does not turn out to be a tragedy. Therefore, to renovate your condo like a pro, heed these tips.

1. Know The Rules for The Renovations

Yes, you can renovate your condo, but there are certain rules you need to know about first. For every renovation project, there will be various policies of the condo board. You need to make sure that you are not interfering with any of the guidelines before getting started with the project.

The rules you need to follow could affect your design decisions or material selection. Most of these policies will be about particular days and hours renovating can take place. Not to forget, you will require a permit or legal approval before starting the work. Therefore, it is better to stay on top of such things, so that you deal with everything hassle-free.

2. You Can Hire a Designer

Hire a Designer

To ensure a smooth renovation process, you might be asking yourself, do I need to hire a designer? Well, hiring one might be a great decision to make.

A professional will have a better understanding of time and those nitty-gritty details you might miss if you do it yourself. From your condo’s walls to furniture selection and door handles to condo balcony flooring, everything counts.

Therefore, to carry out the project, trusting a professional is recommended. Even the smallest details can make a huge difference to your space.

3. Do not Move Fixtures

When you have a defined budget for the renovation, you do not want to move around items that look just fine where they currently are, such as fixtures. It will drain your time, energy, and money.

It is best to leave the bathroom and toilet fixtures where they are. Instead, what you need to do is to bring some design modification to the home place that is already available.

4. Repaint The Walls

Repaint the Walls

For an entire condo renovation, painting a wall in a trendy color might be the best thing to do. It will be even beneficial when you want to rent out or resell your condo because doing so might be more than enough to revamp the whole condo.

Even if you live there, changing the look with new paint will give you fresh home vibes. However, make sure to choose the color for the walls that are going well with the vision you have in mind and your condominium theme.

5. Kitchen Updates

In a condominium, the kitchen is the central area of the main living space. So, even if you spend some money renovating it, it will pay back in value.

If you are wondering what you can do to update your kitchen area, a show-stopping stove and a matching range hood sound like a great idea. Moreover, you can also replace the island with an oversized island, serving you as a dining area, and saving you space. Lastly, you cannot go wrong with a statement kitchen cabinet color.

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