Tile vs TrackR: Which Tracker Should You Choose?

There is stiff competition among tech firms in an attempt to attract and gain customer loyalty. Many firms have invested in developing tracking devices among which are Tile and TrackR. The tracking devices are made to enable tracing of your property and ringing it in case your property is mixed up with others of the same kind. Let’s check out the below comparisons.

Products Of TrackR

TrackR Pixel

TrackR comes in two models, that is, TrackR Pixel and TrackR Bravo.

Differences between them:

  • Size - TrackR bravo is slimmer and smaller in size than TrackR pixel
  • Decibels - TrackR bravo is 7 decibels(dB) louder than the TrackR pixel
  • Color - TrackR bravo is available in silver, black, blue, rose-gold or a mixture of the four colours whereas TrackR pixel is available in blue, black, white, red, grey or a mixture of all the five colours

Tile comes in the models of tile pro, style, sport, slim, mate.

Differences between them:

Tile Pro

  • Size - is the heaviest and largest among the models and has a hole for the keyring
  • Colour - comes in colours of graphite and jet black
  • Signal range - has the highest signal range of 300ft
  • Volume - has a volume of 128db

Tile Style

  • Tile style is more of aesthetic value and hence the most elegant of the tiles
  • Signal range - has a signal range of 200ft
  • Volume - has a volume of 98 dB

Tile Sport

  • This tracker is designed for sporting activities. It is, therefore, the highest in the waterproof rating of IP68
  • Signal range - has a signal range of 200ft
  • Volume - has a volume of 98 dB

Tile Slim

  • Size – as the name suggests, it is the slimmest of the tiles with no hale for a keyring
  • Colour – available in white/grey colour
  • Signal range – has a signal range of 100ft
  • Volume - has a volume of 82db

Tile Mate

  • Colour - tile mate is available in grey/white only
  • Signal range - it has a signal range of 150ft
  • Volume - tile mate has a volume of 88db

Similarities Between Tile and TrackR

  • Both Trackr vs Tile uses Bluetooth to maintain connections with the owner of the property being secured
  • Both Tile and TrackR have a degree of water and dust resistance depending on the products offered by each brand. For instance, Tile Pro has a waterproof rating of IP68 whereas TrackR Pixel is IP57
  • Both Tile and TrackR have an alert ringing that is produced when you want to locate your item
  • In size, both Tile and TrackR are small and portable and can be incorporated among your keys, inside your handbag and so on

Difference Between Tile and TrackR

The differences between Tile and TrackR have been highlighted based on certain criteria such as waterproofing rate, portability and design, Bluetooth range, app, alarm volume and replaceable battery.

Difference Between Tile and TrackR


Tile has a much higher water-proof rate than the TrackR which falls between IP57 and IP68. IP68 means that there it is protected against tight dust and complete or continuous immersion in water. IP57 is interpreted as there is protection from the amount of dust that is most likely to interfere with its operation.

Bluetooth Range

Tile beats TrackR with a huge margin in this criterion of comparison across all its models. TrackR lags at 100ft and is, therefore, more suitable in small rooms such most homes where your movement is restricted.

Alarm Volume

While using this criterion, it is prudent to note that decibels are non-linear and hence the tiles are higher than the volumes of TrackR. Tile pro having a decibel of 128, it is as loud as a police siren. TrackR pixel with decibel of 90 is only as loud as a hairdryer.

Design And Portability

There are various approaches when it comes to designing of Tile and TrackR. They also go ahead to demonstrate how they are incorporated with someone's items. Tile is designed with a hole for the keyring for attachment purposes while TrackR is designed with an adhesive to stick on your item in the measure of maintaining the state of your item while giving the tracing, tile looks more refined as it does little tainting to the object it is attached to.

Replaceable Battery

Based on a replaceable battery, TrackR takes the lead as its battery is designed to last at least a year before requiring replacement, furthermore, TrackR comes with a spare battery upon purchase. This feature is also present in tile pro and mate. The other models of tile, therefore, face the inconvenience of being costly and having a lower shelf life.


In this criterion, the review on apps of TrackR and tiles as they are the measure to take a complete survey of the performance of the apps of the two brands. On average, reviews on tile apps are much stronger than on TrackR apps. From these reviews, we can deduce that many customers are satisfied and prefer tile trackers than TrackR trackers.


Design and performance bring out the best in technological devices as seen in the situation between trackr vs Tile. From the comparison, we can say that consumers find tile trackers more convenient in meeting their daily needs than TrackR trackers.


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