How Do I Check Whether My Glass Is Truly Tempered Safety Glass?

Tempered glass is a popular type of safety glass. This glass production follows the slow cooling process. Due to the manufacturing process, this type of glass is much safer and stronger than any other standard glass. Many people use this glass in buildings and windows. Also, it has a use in aquariums, tabletops, protective eyewear that divers and machinists use. Some unique characteristics have made this glass different from others.

Characteristics of a Tempered Glass

The manufacturing process defines the glass characteristics. The various uses of this glass depends on its characteristics. Some remarkable characteristics are here for you so that you can get an idea of where to use this glass.


The manufacturing process follows an advanced method. It involves heat treatment. It is by applying high pressure, then cooling; again high pressure with air blasts. Manufacturing also follows the chemical process. It causes the iron exchange with glass exterior to put the surface into a compression state.




When the glass breaks, it shatters into very small pieces. It does not create any harmful sharp edges. For that characteristic, it is considered as a safety glass type. That is why people can use this safety glass in sensitive areas where safety is a must requirement. For example, in fireplaces, you can use this glass as a door. Also, it is a preferable use in vehicles. It will ensure safety in case of an accident.


These types of glass are generally around four times stronger than any regular glass type. You can break it with the pressure of nearly 24,000 psi. This characteristic has made this glass type more durable. You can use this in the windows as it can tolerate the heavy wind. For this, it is a popular pick as a tabletop. It provides the desired elegance along with longevity.


Temperature Resistance

Temperature resistance

These glass are fairly highly temperature resistant. A regular toughened glass has a temperature resistance of nearby 4820F/160. These can tolerate more temperatures compared to many other standard glass. The property has opened the doors for many uses of this glass. It can perfectly tolerate temperature fluctuations. That is why, where normal glass fail, this glass can stand perfectly in building constructions.


You cannot cut or drill this glass after the process of tempering. You have to keep extra careful when you are installing this glass. The wrong pressure on the edges can create shatter. So, you need to maintain a sensitive installation process.


How to Identify the Original Tempered Glass

If your eyes are untrained, you may find a tempered glass as similar to other glass. After getting unexpected things, you will realize that it was not the original one that you bought. So, how should you recognize the right glass without hammering on it? You need to analyze the glass in a proper way to get rid of buying the fake one.

Below, there are some ways to identify the original tempered glass.

Analyze the Edges of Your Glass

Analyze the Edges of Your Glass

Generally, the edges of tempered glass are completely smooth while other normal glass have ridged or scuffed edges. It is because of the extra advanced processing during manufacture. The glass plate is usually harder because of the gradual heating and cooling process. This process makes the glass property sturdier.

So, one of the good ways is to thoroughly check the glass edges. If you get the edges exposed, move your figures along with the corners. You will get an even feel on the corners due to the extra processing that goes through it. Your figures are enough to use as a checking tool. Try to feel if there is any roughness or not. If you get any rough impression that means it is not a toughened glass.

Properly Check the Label Attached to the Corner of Your Glass

Label Attached to the Corner

Put an extra eye to check sensitively the label on the glass corner. Get a tiny label sandblasted or etched on the glass corner. The label will come up with the manufacturer name including the CPSC standards. CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission. The stamp is an indication of authentic glass. If the glass is from manufacturers directly, you will find the marking very easily. It is not always the same case. So, you will have to consider the other clues in checking. If it seems confusing, ask the seller, so that you can get the accurate information to judge.

See Your Glass through Polarized Lenses

See Glass through Polarized Lenses

It is another wise way to check the glass quality. The method is quite easy and straightforward. Try to see through the glass with a pair of polarizing sunglass. You will get shady, dark spots or some stretching lines on the surface.

It is a prime indicator of the original glass. During the manufacturing process, the glass go through tempering. The roller machine forms the lines at that time. So, if you get the lines, don’t worry about the authentication.

Check the Quality and Imperfections

Quality and Imperfections

It is a vital part of checking. Try to check these factors very carefully. When you are checking, if you get any bending, warping or of any glass dimples, consider it as the tempered original glass. Most of the time, this glass consists of these factors because of the manufacturing process.

It undergoes extreme heat. The impressions are because of the tongs used to hold it. This leaves some signs on the surface. You will be able to identify it if you check very closely. 

Also, in some original glass, you may find scratches on the surface. These are generally from small elements from the machine rollers that liquefied and stuck to its surface. This leftover remains around even after normal cleaning. That produces light scratches on the surface.

If all the checking points fail, use a window cutter and create a making line. If the line is flaky and uneven, it is original. Read this guide if you’re still confuse to know how to tell if glass is tempered.

These checking points can help you to recognize the right and original tempered glass. Don’t get fooled by the sellers; check yourself and shop with satisfaction.


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