9 Ideas to Make Use of Your Spare Room

A spare room is often a space in your home which you seldom utilize. The reasons could be the location (ex:-basement), reduced ventilation, poor air circulation, etc. Your family utilizes the other rooms entirely.  Yet, you may find something is missing! It could be space for entertainment, recreation, relaxation, or just to chill out with your friends and family.

Now, it is time to think of your spare room as something more than a storage space. Here are 9 ideas to utilize the space for something creative and attractive utilizes.

Idea 1: Family Gaming Space

Family Gaming Space

Indoor basketball, ping pong, foosball, pool table, air hockey, table soccer, billiards, and Baccarat are some of the simplest forms of family games you can play in the spare room.

You can install one or more games depending on the space available.

Having sufficient numbers of basement windows can allow daylight and free air circulation. You have to plan the design accurately when installing multiple game or sport utilities. Make sure they don’t interfere with each other.


You can spend your free time with your family and friends. You can also stay fit and healthy with flexible muscles and joints.

You can also plan your equipment and furniture based on your budget. You may also get other creative ideas since you have done some brainstorming now.

Idea 2: Massage and Spa Room

Massage and Spa Room

Maintenance of your body and mind is as important as your automobile and motorcycle. It keeps you healthy, fit, and cheerful. If the room is undersized for game or entertainment, you can use it for massage and spa.

You need to insulate the space from dirt and dust. Then you can install a small air conditioner, lighting, massage table, storage cabinet, and spa tub with proper water supplies and drainage. Store all the essential supplies and keep the room ready. Of course, you need to learn massaging and spa techniques.


Skin and body health, physical fitness, freedom from muscle and joint pain, and healthy metabolism are some of the key benefits. No more frequent visits to a physician.

Idea 3: Entrepreneur’s Den

Entrepreneur’s Den

If you or your spouse is a freelancer, it is possible to utilize the spare room as your home office. Insulate and air condition the room. Install basic office furniture with ambient lighting.

Ensure power supply and lighting. Make space for coffee and water dispenser. If space permits, you can have a small restroom.

Install a desktop or a laptop. If space is in the basement, you may have to opt for cable internet service, if wifi doesn't reach. Install the required appliances like printers, scanners, etc. now, you can start working.


Space has a quiet and peaceful environment, ambiance for creative works like writing, designing, and other freelance jobs. 

Idea 4: Yoga and Meditation Space

Yoga and Meditation Space

Spending a few minutes on yoga and meditation in the morning can give you a jump-start for your day at work. They can also relax your mind and body before supper time.

Ventilation, insulation, and air conditioning are the first steps to prepare your room. Ambient lighting in the room and wall art creates a breathtaking environment. Choose the right décor with appropriate symbols.

You may choose to have the furniture if there is sufficient space. Or you may have only bean bags apart from the yoga mat. Now, you can start practicing Yoga and meditation.


You will become more productive than ever before. All the cluttered thoughts go away and you can learn to live in the present.     

Idea 5: Books and Digital Library

Books and Digital Library

You may love art, music, sports, culture, history, science, or any other subject. A library in your home with reading space can have a magical impact on you and your family. Racks for books, a table and few chairs, space for CDs and e-media, a large LCD screen connected to a computer, and sufficient ventilation are the basic things you need.

You can also install wall art, lamps, a fan or air conditioner. The coffee dispenser will be a great asset to keep your mind creative and active. If you are a smoker, make sure there is an extraction fan connecting to open air.


It is ideal for some intellectual and entertaining time during weekdays and weekends. Your spouse and kids can also play video games and watch movies.

Idea 6: Scintillating Barroom and Cinema

Scintillating Barroom and Cinema

Creatively designed barroom for you and your friends with a large movie screen is the ultimate place to relax.

Furniture and fixture design is something you have to plan. You can DIY the design and install them apart from the most ambient lighting, cooling, and heating.

A barroom cabinet with table-top shelf and a mini-refrigerator should be sufficient to store all your beverages.

If you can place it at a corner, there could be space for tables and stools. Install the movies screen so everyone gets an unobstructed view.


You can use the space for weekend friends’ meet and cocktail sessions. You can also watch movies with your family.

Idea 7: Personal Gym Space

Personal Gym Space

Personal gym for you and family can keep you fit and healthy for life. You can install an elliptical cycle, treadmill, or a mini-walking machine for starters.

 The others can be dumbbells, bench press, squat rack, etc. Ambient ventilation and lighting ensure a relaxed environment.


Family bonding is something you can experience practically when you work out together.

Idea 8: Comfortable Guest Room

Comfortable Guest Room

Two beds, carpet, and small HVAC system with water and coffee dispenser are the basic things you require for a comfortable guest room.

You may also install a small restroom if space permits. Wall and ceiling décor with ambient lighting should be enough to please your guests.


It could a good idea to ensure privacy for your family and your guests.

Idea 9: Laundry and Dishwashing

Laundry and Dishwashing

Drainage and water supply lines are the basic things you have to ensure on top priority. Power supply and safety gears can come next. Install the machines with connections to inlets and drainage pipes. Install cabinets for cloth storage.


You can keep your home hygienic and clean.


You can choose any of the 9 ideas to make your spare room useful for you, your family and friends. Make sure your space calculation is accurate to keep the room comfortable.

Vera Watson

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