Single Speed VS Variable Speed Pool Pump: What’s The Difference?

A pool without a pump might as well be closed off and cemented in; that's how important it is. A pump with enough speed can distribute heat evenly and adequately sanitize the water. It can also prevent the growth of algae with sufficient distribution of chemicals. Algae can be harmful according to this article, where it presents a step-by-step process to getting rid of them. These aquatic organisms can cause skin problems, bacterial infection, and the main culprit to accidents or falls.

If you're an owner, you'd want yours to always be a beautiful shade of blue and perfect at any time of the day for a swim. So which one is perfect for you? Which is the best speed to use generally? Read on for the similarities and differences between SSP and VSP.

Why Is Water Circulation So Important?

Water Circulation

We already mentioned it above, but why is water circulation important in full detail? We'll start with the basics.

There are a few components for it. First is the pump. The pump is the pool's heart, where it pulls water around to reach the filters ultimately. In these filters, chemicals are distributed and released back into the area. This way, any part of it gets an even amount of sanitation.

Second is skimming. When using a skimmer for the surface of your water, you're only removing things that you can see with your naked eye and not the debris below. That one is reserved for the pool vacuums.

These vacuums make sure the bottom is free from any debris, making it cleaner. When using the vacuum, you're also creating movement, which helps in water circulation. These vacuums can be used once a week, and this means that you would need to schedule it properly.

Having Pool Pumps With Variable Speed

Right off the bat, we're telling you the best one to choose is VSP. Nevertheless, we'll still break down what SSP is and its benefits. If you're looking to check out the best variable speed pool pump, there are plenty of places online and offline (well, mostly online) to search. It's always recommended to window-shop before deciding on a purchase. You can also see into the features ahead of time as well.

What Are Single Speed Pool Pumps?

SSPs are the most commonly used pumps around the world. It doesn't mean it's efficient or the best, however. They are relatively cheaper to buy, but the ongoing costs are higher than those of a VSP. It can rank as the 2nd largest consumption in your home, just next to air conditioning or heating.

Are There Any Benefits?

Nothing much except its durability. SSPs have been the to-go for users since the late 1970s. If anything, you'd want to use single-speed pool pumps with the confidence that it'll last as long as your pool.

What Are Variable Speed Pool Pumps?

On the other hand, VSPs circulate water, heat, and chemicals all around with the speed of your choosing. Speed matters, and that's where its counterpart fails to serve. Filtering is more efficient when you can control it to low. On the other hand, if you want to make use of heating, a higher speed is recommended.

Are There Any Benefits?

A lot! Let's discuss some of them.

VSP motors are durable because they are fan-cooled and completely sealed off, thus protecting them from any untoward effects from the elements. Not only that, but the choice of VSPs to run slower can help them stay calm as well. This will ultimately make your motor avoid overheating and last longer.

According to this report by the U.S Department of Energy:, VSP allows the users to save energy as much as 75% when compared to the SSP. The latter is infamously known for its high consumption rate and low filtering efficiency, so VSP covers its shortcomings flawlessly.

Lastly, VSPs are quite operators, unlike SSPs. It won't pose a distraction or cause noise pollution, even at high speed!


It's time to get with the times. Like many inventions from the past, SSPs already have a modern counterpart that does its work more efficiently and fluidly. It's cost-effective too! VSPs are now the to-go choice for pool users all around. You can never go wrong by choosing VSPs.

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