Signs to Call Emergency Furnace Repair

Nothing can be more horrific than experiencing dreadful cold in your comfort zone – your house. You sure would have noticed heater issues and also must be well-aware of the situation of repair and replacement. But you still prefer to turn a blind eye and ignore the problem, leading to the horrific cold situation, making your loved ones in an unfavoured situation. 

This problem could have been easily avoided if you had contacted the furnace service Framingham, MA. But it is never too late, for the help is always ready anytime and anywhere in Pro Comfort Control. 

So, before you take up your phone to call the best furnace repair, by following a few simple tips, you can solve the problem yourself. This may solve the problem temporarily, you still have to contact the experts at the later stage for better inspection and repair. 

Quick Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Ensure Your Furnace Have Enough Power

Even though if you own a gas furnace, an electric power interruption can cause disturbance to your furnace from producing sufficient heat. There are high chances that the circuit breaker must have also been tripped.

If this is the case you are facing, then reset it by switching off and then turning it on again. Give the circuit a five-minute break and then switch on. But if the circuit switches off or trips again, then the best option is to call the professional.

Check Your Thermostat

Check whether the thermostat is `On’ and is set to the `heat mode’. This may sure sound silly but many times, because of the naughty toddlers, guests, or the homeowners themselves, they would have accidentally adjusted the settings. 

If your thermostat has a setting of `fan mode’, then set it for `auto’, than `On’. The fan mode may continuously blow even in the absence of air. 

If the thermostat is set above the room temperature, then try adjusting it to a few degrees more or less, to check for proper furnace operation. 

Check Your Air Filter

The air filter of your furnace is one of the most prime parts which plays a lead role in the efficient and smooth operation of the system. Hence, extra care must be given to the air filter. Make sure whether it is kept in a clean condition, away from dust and dirt. If there is clogging in the heat filter, then it will lose its efficiency to heat properly. It can also overheat the furnace system and cause it to shut down.

The best way to check the filter for dust and dirt is by removing the filter and holding it against the light. Can you see the light clearly or is it giving you blurred vision? If it is a blurred vision, replace or clean it. Always make a point to clean or replace the air filter once in three months for better operation. If you have pets at home, then prioritize it to clean once a month. 

Owning A Gas Furnace? Check Whether It Is On

Most of the time, the main cause of a nonfunctional furnace system is when someone mistakenly shuts it off. If you have had your furnace system repaired or cleaned recently, then there are high chances that the system may be shut off. You can also check it from the gas company for they may have shut it down for maintenance or repair.

If you are smelling gas, then the only option is to shut down the gas supply and evacuate immediately. Call a professional at the earliest and never attempt to repair anything on your own.


If the above tips seem no help to you, then the only and best option is to contact the furnace repair professionals. Once you contact the professionals, do a little homework on your side and gather a little information, which would make the repairing job faster and easier.

  • Note your furnace model number and brand name
  • Note the age of your furnace
  • List down the steps you did for repairing in the professional's absence
  • Know the repairing company whether they have worked for you or not
  • Did you find any unusual behavior in your system before shutting it off completely? Let your technician know the problem

This information will help greatly and also guarantee faster servicing.


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