Tips on Setting Up Indian Swings at Home

Indian swings are undoubtably alluring. There’s something about them that draws you in. No matter how old you are, you’ll never be able to resist the charm of sitting on a swing. Swings are furniture that goes beyond its original function. The trusted Indian swing has been around for years and have stood against time because it’s not only comfortable, but it allows people to relax and spend time alone or with friends and family. 

Indian porch swings are usually compared with the classic Southern wrap-around porches, but they are a lot better than that. They also have gained popularity in many households around the world. Indoor and outdoor swings are not just for decoration—they are completely functional and make our homes feel more like home. 

Below are some ways you can set up your Indian swings to take your home’s décor and aesthetics to a whole new level

1. Wicker Swing

Create a comfy, beach-vibes space in your home with a wicker Indian swing.  Incorporating wicker materials into the Indian swing design gives a boho-meets-farmhouse feel. You can further enhance the appearance of this swing by adding cushions and pillows and out placing an outdoor rug under it. 

This setup is not only cozy but makes you long for the weekends, where you lounge outside on your wicker swing, eating breakfast and just enjoying the summer breeze. 

2. Contemporary-style Indian Swing

Most Indian swings come with traditional design that sometimes seem out of place in modern homes. If you want to incorporate the functionality of an Indian swing with the aesthetics of a modern home, then it only makes sense to tweak the design of the swing. Instead of using wood for its seat, you can switch it up to a monochromatic polypropylene plastic with steel handles. 

Adding a contemporary Indian swing to your home can instantly transform a space into a luxurious, intimate spot for conversations with friends and family. 

You can decorate the space by adding two more chairs angled forward (or backward if you want), for better aesthetics.

3. Single-seat Swing

Although Indian swings are mostly intended to seat more than one person, you can modify them for solitary seating. The solo swing sends out a message that you want to be alone—perfect for introverts!

4. Summer-ready Indian Porch Swing

There’s no better time of the year to spend afternoons outdoors, and what better way to level it up than by swinging on your porch with your Indian swing?

You can style your swing with textured seat covers and summer-style throw pillows. You can make the space more interesting by adding a round wicker side table and add candles and books. If you want to take it a notch farther, style your porch with fairy lights for that romantic summer night feel in the evenings. 

5. Traditional Blue and White Country Design

If you want to go for the traditional Southern aesthetic, choose a clean white and country blue theme for your Indian swing setup. Color combination puts a wonderful and fresh take on country design. 

Stay true to the Southern front porch aesthetic by adding metal elements to your setup with planters and lamps. 

Where Should you Set up Your Indian Swing?

The Indian swing has got to be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture around. You can use it for extra seating when there is no space available in the couches, or you can use it for lounging and relaxing. It can be placed inside the home, but it can also be placed outside as well. 

Although many homeowners would love to include an Indian swing to their interior, they usually run out of ideas on how to do it. 

The good news is, Indian swings can be added to different spaces in many ways. We’ll show you how. 

Below are some ideas on where you can set up your Indian swing at home:

Meditation room – if you have a room or space at home dedicated for your yoga, peace and meditation sessions, you might want to consider adding an Indian swing there. The swing can be used as part of your Zen routine. Plus, it will look good too.

Dining area or bar – if you have a high table in your dining area or a bar in your kitchen, you can experiment by getting rid of benches and chairs and replacing them with swings instead. Make sure you use strong ropes and extra thick boards to prevent any unnecessary movement. 

Bedroom Seating – an Indian swing might just be the only thing your room needs to take its look to a whole new level. The swing can be used for seating, or you can use it as a cute shelving option for things in your bedroom such as books or stuffed toy. The swing also makes your room appear more whimsical.

As a Filler for Awkward Corners – if there are areas in your home that you consider ‘awkward’ because nothing fits there, then you might want to consider the idea of adding a swing there. The swing will add a new vignette to that space, and it won’t look awkward anymore! In fact, it will even attract attention of guests. 

Perfect for the Terrace or Garden – one of the most obvious places where an Indian swing would fit perfectly is the Terrace or Garden. In fact, there are numerous outdoor Indian swing options you can find in the market. Check them out and be in awe with their exciting designs. 

Front Porch – the front porch is one of the most popular places to put an Indian swing in. You can add one to your porch and then hang out there to read books, or to simply just have time alone for yourself. 


Adding an Indian swing to your home is one surefire way to improve its aesthetics and your choices aren’t just limited to the ones with traditional designs. There are several ways to update your Indian swing’s look and there are also different places you can place them in.

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