Selling A House? Here Is How You Can Take Better Pictures And Attract Buyers

It's a dream come true for home sellers to find buyers immediately. Unfortunately, there are many stages and processes you need to go through before you could find one.

Selling a property may be a difficult process, but to make sure you're in good hands from start to end, it requires one to have experience and understanding. Sell your house to Cash home buyers In Massachusetts easily.

One of the very important stages when selling a home is how well you present your property with a picture. Since buyers are more likely to get attracted to visuals, here are some ways to attract them through photos of your home:

1. Get The Right Equipment

While your smartphone can capture images, it may not be enough to achieve photographs look professional. Most of the time, buyers know whether the photograph is professionally captured or not. And, more often than not, professional photos attract more potential buyers. 

Thus, you can consider the following equipment to capture and present your home the way you want it to appear: 

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

You don't have to buy the most expensive digital camera in the marketplace. Real estate photography is less demanding than other niches, so a mid-range camera can do well. What's important is to choose a full-frame sensor with a 1:1 ratio that will give you the most out of your camera's available image space. If you use an interchangeable lens, make sure that the sensor has the proper exposure settings. For the best results, choose the one with an excellent sensor so that you can achieve minimal noise even in low light settings.

Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens is very important for real estate photography. It allows you to capture the room's wider view, and will enable you to let the viewers feel like they’re in the room.

Flash And Diffusers

While natural lighting can help, it's also essential to add more lighting via flash and diffusers. You'll still need at least one flash to reduce shadows and balance out the photo. If the ceiling is too high, you can also use a flash to fill a large area with soft light. And, you can also use a diffuser or umbrella to directly illuminate objects.

Photo Editing Software

Getting the most out of your photos is essential, so it's best to use a photo editing software. This allows you to remove unwanted objects or effects, correct colors, reduce noise, and merge photos. And, if you want to make your photos more desirable, you can modify their white balance, contrast, sharpness, and brightness with an editing tool. If you don't have skills to complete the editing tasks, consider hiring a professional editor.

2. Stage Your House

To make your listing photos stand out, avoid the unmade beds, cluttered kitchens, and messy playrooms. Instead, try staging the space with neutral colors and fresh flowers. If you need to repaint or renovate your property to make it appear brand new, then you’ll need the services of professional home construction builders, such as Commodore Homes. That way, these professionals can help you improve your home’s appearance by repairing or adding features for a picture-ready photoshoot.

To make your home look its best, limit the number of personal touches included in the photos. Instead of including your medals, family portraits, and other mementos, try depersonalizing it so that the potential buyer can see themselves living in your property. 

Instead, add general touches to make them welcoming. Do so by adding vases of fresh flowers throughout your house and rearranging the furniture.

3. Let Natural Light In

Before photographing, make sure to open all of the windows to let in more light. Combined with artificial lighting, natural light makes a room look warm and inviting. It's also helpful to turn on all the lights in the room, including overhead lamps, reading lamps, and other light sources. 

That way, you can make potential buyers see a cheerful and bright place they'd imagine themselves in. No one wants to have a dark and dreary home, so making it light and bright is enticing. 

For high-glare rooms, you may want to use sheer window treatments so they can diffuse the light. 

4. Capture The Home's Best Features

Take photos of the home's features

Take plenty of photos of the home's most essential features. These should include the kitchen, the pool, the patio, and other unique rooms. Having these photos taken will help you market the home and attract potential buyers. 

That's because they can immediately see what your property looks like, and what makes it different from the others. And, if they can resonate with the best features of your home, they're more likely to want to buy it. 

5. Clean Reflective Objects

Take note of all the reflective objects in your home, too, and make sure to clean them thoroughly. Doing so will prevent streaks and dust from appearing in the photographs. That way, you can make your home seem brand new. Homebuyers could get disappointed when they see signs of living, so it’s best to make everything clean.

6. Consider The Outside View

Aside from the home's interior design, buyers also want to know where the bedrooms and baths are located relative to the outdoor space. This is why it's essential to include windows that can reflect the outdoor area of your property. Let them take a peek of the expansive ocean views or the refreshing gardens outside your window.

These surrounding views can attract home buyers because most want to enjoy sceneries available through their windows. Thus, it's also a good idea to take photographs of these areas during a specific time of the day after beautifying them for photography purposes. That way, you can have the ideal lighting that can enhance the mood of the picture. 

7. Be Careful What You Add


Not everyone wants to see the inside of a closet or a cluttered garage. Those may only shoo away your potential clients. Instead, focus on the areas that are important to the overall impression of the house. 

Thus, it's best to skip areas that don't help upsell your home. Your photos should help home buyers picture themselves in your property, so only include those that’ll inspire them.


The best way to show off your property is through photographs. You can show them your home's best features, entice them with your outdoor views, and make them feel like it's their home when you take photographs properly. Thus, it's best to consider the tips above to attract potential buyers. 

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