Reasons Why You Might Want a Roof Inspection

When it comes to roofs, maintaining them kind of reminds people of tires, and it probably should be like that to make sure that you are actually taking good care of them. Why is this so, you ask?

Well, because, just like tires, the thing that protects your house is constantly wearing out due to multiple reasons like weather conditions, animals, and so on. That is why you should always schedule roof inspections, no only in cases when you think that something is very wrong, but also in situations where you just want to make sure that everything is fine. Just like tires, you do not want any unexpected problems to come to you that you do not know how to fix later on.

Many reasons should make you call up some professionals to help you out. Follow this article to learn some of the main reasons why you would want to schedule a roof inspection.

Why Would You Need a Roof Inspection?

No matter how well they are placed, what material they are made out of, and how good they look, roofs wear out constantly because of all the pressure that comes from outside factors. That is why it should get constant maintenance because if you do not react on time, you are indeed going to be in deep trouble.

Once something comes to the verge of collapse, it will cause a lot of material damage, along with thinning your wallet or even draining it out. Calling a service that does inspections means that they will find the slightest problem or spot that could maybe expand into something more serious. As it says on Fireman Roofing these spots can become huge problems in the future, so finding them sooner means you will stay safe.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though since there are multiple reasons to do this and to do it frequently. Here are some of the top reasons for wanting a roof inspection.

1. Routine Maintenance Damage

Even if your roof is in tip-top condition and there seems to be nothing wrong with it, you might be missing one key factor, and that is protection.

If it is not secured properly it can actually get some damage from people who come to check up on your gutters, your air conditioning, or any other system. While they are fixing something else, or doing routine maintenance, they might not pay too much attention to the environment, which could possibly cause some damage to your roof.

Even though it might be nothing too serious, you have to keep this in mind and call up an inspection just in case something bad happens that you cannot wrap your head around.

What can happen, for example, is that the people who come to fix something else sometimes forget to close mechanical access panels on roofs leaving them unattended until it is too late. Another thing that can happen is that they could leave refrigerant containers.

They also often just leave your home without cleaning up debris. When they leave something on the roof, it can cause some damage once it becomes windy because it will fly around destroying what is up there without you even knowing.

This can all be much safer if you have regular inspections that will see if anything went wrong, and they will clean up everything in time.

2. Storms

This is something you should already know, but just in case, storms can be fatal for your roof and leave a lot of damage that is not fixable if not maintained right. Once a big storm passes, you should immediately call an inspection to see what the damage is just in case.

These weather conditions can bring a lot of damage through water infiltration, wind and hail can cause some problems as well. Other issues that could occur might require your roof to be replaced.

High winds can also bring some outside factors, like debris or items that were out in the open to fall on your roof. They can also break nearby branches and bring hell down to the top of your house.

Even if you do not see something right away, a professional will be able to detect minor, unnoticeable damages that you may have missed due to the lack of experience in this trade. They will see if there was any problem and if anything needs to be done as soon as possible.

This way you will know what to do and who to call for repairs since you will be informed. More importantly, you will not lose the roof over your head because you reacted quickly.

3. Detecting Leaks

This is connected to the previous one because leaks usually happen after rain. However, this does not have to be during storms, but rather through years of rainwater hitting your roof meaning it causes enough damage to start leaking into your house causing enormous damage and expensive repairs.

Sometimes, you will not detect anything until you see moisture on the ceiling and drips on your floor, and when that happens, you are usually too late.

Well, calling a professional who will conduct a thorough investigation and diagnosis and detect any sign of moisture that you would never think about is the best thing for you to do. Even if your roof is in good condition, there could be some minor flashing problems that you didn’t notice, but can, eventually, create huge problems.

Some roofs that get destroyed don’t show it right away because, if there is a concrete layer, water will travel big distances before reaching an entry point. Once it does, you might need to replace the whole thing. Once again, having someone to look into it is the best way to go.

4. Minding The Vegetation

Even if you are not aware of it, vegetation will eventually grow on your roof, and it will do so even faster if you are not cleaning your gutters regularly. Another huge factor here is the birds vacationing on your roof, or even building a nest and starting a family. The seeds they bring will also fasten this process.

In your gutter, there is dirt, seeds, moisture, and other components that create vegetation. Branches that reach your roof can also cause damage during storms, as was mentioned before.

That is why you should clean your gutters and make sure there is nothing there. Roots and branches can also create holes in the roof and cause leakage.

Moss is another huge problem and it usually appears in the corners and starts spreading and destroying the material your roof is made of. That is why you should always call an inspection to see if everything is okay and that you can sleep more calmly. They can explain how to clean the place better and what to pay attention to that you may have missed when you went up there alone.

5. Drainage

One of the most important characteristics of your roof performance is the drainage and the slopes. If there is water on the roof that does not get drained soon after the rain is over it means that it is slowly, but surely, killing and destroying your precious roof. After that, you should be sure that you will have moisture and leaks coming your way very soon.

Making sure that your drainage system is working fine might just be the most significant thing that will help you protect your house from huge damages and repairs. Clearing leaves, debris, toys, trash from your gutters means that it will have no problem getting rid of the water. On the other hand, not doing this properly can create standing water conditions, meaning you are in for a huge problem.

However, if you call an inspection from time to time to determine if your gutters are clean and the drainage system works fine, it will surely be enough for you to learn how to do it properly and not have problems like these in the future. They could explain some more effective methods or give you a service that will clean it to the last drop from anything that could create any damage.

6. The Age

Even if they were created by the most trustworthy professionals, roofs have a life expectancy after which they must be replaced. If they are maintained and looked after, they could be in great condition for up to 25 years. However, after that, you should consider replacing it because nothing lasts forever.

A simple inspection will surely give you enough insight into how soon this change should come.

7. Security

Now, here is something that is actually not about damage, but rather protection from thieves. People can break into your house through roof hatches and skylights that are left unlocked.

Of course, if you have regular inspections where professionals can determine whether there is damage on these entrances can disable anyone from sneaking into your home through that hole. If the skylights and hatches are broken and unsecured, you have a problem.


These reasons should surely convince you of having regular inspections on your roof. It is the most important part of your house and everything else can be destroyed if it is not maintained properly. Make sure to keep it nice, clean, and water-free, and the best way to do it is to call professionals. Good luck and have a healthy roof over your head.

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