When should I Replace Parts on My Copper Range Hood?

If your range hood is made of copper, you already know what high-quality and durable material you’ve purchased. You know that you can expect your range hood to last a very long time, but do you know when to maintain it? 

You will probably need to replace the fan, motor, filter, or other parts at some point in the lifespan of your unit. 

Here are some tips on how and when to clean and replace parts on copper hoods:

Cleaning Your Copper Range Hood

To clean the copper on your range hood, all you need is a soft, dampened cloth and a copper cleaner. You’ll wipe the product on the copper surface, leave for a few minutes, and wipe off, then follow up by polishing with a soft cloth. If you have a substantial amount of grease on your copper hood, you’ll want to repeat a similar technique with dish soap to loosen the grease before polishing.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter Often

The air filter covering the internal parts of your ventilation system is made to remove smoke, grease, and other particulates before the air goes into the internal fan and back into your house. If you have a metal filter, you will want to degrease it with a degreasing solution or dish soap and put it in the dishwasher. If you have a charcoal filter, you will need to replace it annually.

Check the Internal Components for Grease

You hope that the air filter keeps the grease out of the internal system, but over time, grease may find its way through. You should check the vent and fan for grease build up often. If the vent has enough grease to impair function, it could potentially cause a fire, and you will need to contact a cleaning company to clean the vent. You might also find grease on the fan or motor. You can clean the fan blades and remove the blower wheel and wipe it down with degreaser, but if multiple parts were exposed to grease, you might need to get the motor replaced.

Look Out for Other Problems

You may find other problems with your copper hood that indicate it’s time to replace parts. If you find smoke in your kitchen, even with the ventilation on high, it could be a grease clog or another mechanical problem. You should inspect the air filter and inside of the unit to see if you can determine the problem. If the motor is making strange noises, that’s also a well-known sign of a mechanical issue. Lastly, if the lights or buttons stop working, that indicates an electrical problem that requires a technician.

Clean Your Copper Hood Often to Avoid Replacements

Ultimately many replacement issues for copper hoods are solved with consistent degreasing. When you clean your kitchen, don’t forget to shine the copper, pop your metal air filter in the dishwasher, and wipe down the fan blades, vent, and other internal components that collect grease. Following this simple step consistently will prolong the life of your unit and help you avoid repairs.

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