Remodel a Boring Bathroom Using Fancy Shower Doors

A bathroom in modern homes should always look attractive, elegant, and neat. Adding accessories such as vanities, stylish glass shower doors can go a long way into remodeling a dull bathroom interior. Adding wallpaper to the walls is another simplified decorative approach that can be utilized in remodeling bathrooms. Sliding glass shower doors are unique and can quickly transform an old bath to look as good as new.

The installation of the sliding glass shower doors may, however, be dependent on the amount of space available in the bathroom area, the initial purchase and installation costs among other factors.

Painting a bathroom may also be used as a technique of making it look less ‘everyday’, and introducing a new thematic look into space. Depending on the approach used in the remodeling process, any interior design can change the interior look of a bathroom.

Are you contemplating on adding new accessories to your monotonous bathroom to make it more beautiful and modernized? This article gives your ideas on what you can do to achieve this.

Adding Stylish Wallpapers To The Bathroom Walls

bathroom with ornate wallpaper

Wallpapers come in different attractive and beautiful designs. There are thematic and floral wallpapers that may be suitable for decorating old bathrooms. Some of the old bathrooms may have dirty looking walls that may require remodeling, instead of using paint which may be costly and tedious to apply on the walls, wallpapers can be the best option.

Ideally, thematic wallpapers may represent a time of history, religion, or art. Depending on how the bathroom is needed to look; the property owner may choose from a variety of thematic styles that they deem fit for their bathrooms.

The wallpapers are installed from the floor to the ceiling level so that a uniform interior decor can be achieved. Brightly colored wallpapers are the most suitable so that an eye-catching environment is introduced to the old looking bathroom.

Installing Frameless Shower Doors

frameless shower doors

Frameless glass shower doors are trendy accessories that you should consider adding to your boring bathroom in modern times. The frameless shower doors are more attractive and economical on space. They are also easy to install. This means that you may not need much effort when you buy the doors from the sellers for installation.

The frameless folding glass shower doors introduce some form of elegance and class to your bathroom. Compared to the traditional bathroom doors with wooden accents, frameless glass shower doors are easier to clean and more attractive.

Order Custom Frameless Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms

custom frameless shower doors

Small apartments may not have enough space to include a large shower enclosure. Corner or custom shower enclosures with shower doors can be installed in small bathrooms to improve the interior decor and also improve on the utility of space.

Usually, custom shower doors may be chosen according to space requirements, so that there is no disturbance or interference with other accessories within the bathroom. Such entries are generally hinged or sliding depending on the amount of free space available to allow for the door to open and close smoothly.

Frameless Shower Doors With Patterned Glass

Frameless shower doors with patterned glass

Pattern glass is ideal for a bathroom that needs to have an increased sense of privacy. With pattern glass, the level of privacy in the shower enclosure is improved significantly. Frameless shower doors made from pattern glass is also essential in transforming the entire outlook of a bathroom interior.

Most times, the patterns may be uniquely customized to meet the needs of a specific property owner. Ideally, colored pattern glass is ideal due to the brightness they add to the bathroom. Selecting dull pattern glass may not keep the bathroom far from boring. Dark colors are not recommended as an option of renovating the bathroom in modern homes.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors For Modern Bathrooms

sliding glass shower doors

Sliding glass shower doors can be used in remodeling bathrooms that are boring and old. They are, however, suitable when the bathroom is large enough to accommodate a walk-in shower enclosure.

With sliding doors, space may look more elegant and modernized compared to when hinged doors are used. Additionally, sliding glass shower doors may have added features such as a towel baron the exterior side. These features help to utilize the bathroom space to avoid congestion maximally.

Instead of using a framed door, frameless shower door would be better for the sliding door design.


In the end, renovating a bathroom to look more stylish and elegant requires innovativeness and creativity, the level of creativity of the designer or homeowner would determine how the interior decor of the bathroom changes.

If in need of renovating your old and dull bathroom, then executing any of the ideas discussed in this article would be excellent.

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