Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling? And How You Can Fix It

Do you currently own a refrigerator? Is your food going bad because your refrigerator is not cooling it enough? Unfortunately, this does happen every now and then.

If you are in this annoying situation and you can’t cool your food to keep it good, then you don’t have to look any further. Below, you can read all about what to do if your refrigerator is not cooling.

  • You might be inclined to put off repairing your refrigerator because it takes a lot of time and it might cost you money that you do not have to hire a repairman. That being said, owning a working refrigerator is one of the absolute necessities any adult should have
  • It keeps your food cold. Because it keeps your food cold, you can be certain that your food stays good. You can keep ingredients and products for an extended period of time and this means that you’re saving your money because your food won’t go bad quickly

The First Things To Check

1. The Condenser


If your condenser and the fan are dirty then your refrigerator won’t be able to cool properly

2. Setting


A lot of people forget to check the temperature setting on their refrigerators. This is one of the most common reasons why your refrigerator may not be cooling properly. If you’re working with Fahrenheit, then you want your refrigerator to be between thirty-seven and forty degrees. If you’re thinking in terms of Celsius, then make sure it’s 2.8 to 4.4 degrees

3. The Breaker


If your circuit breaker has tripped then that could be why your refrigerator is not working. You should reset it to see if that’s the problem

Clicking Sound

If there is a clicking sound and your refrigerator isn’t cooling then this is most likely a problem with the refrigerator itself. Keep reading to find out how to fix it.

First, you’ll need to unplug your refrigerator. Pull it away from the wall that it is currently situated against so that you can get behind it. Next to your compressor, you should be able to find the relay and the capacitor. Test connection of these pieces by using a multimeter.

More likely than anything else, it’ll be one of these two pieces which are the problem. The clicking sound that you’ve been hearing is the sound of the compressor trying to work, but not having the ability to.

Should you be willing to, you should use a universal refrigerator capacitor. These products work for every refrigerator and they will cost you less than twenty dollars.

When you’ve tested every component with the multimeter, you should be able to tell which part has gone bad. If everything appears to be all right then your compressor is bad. A bad compressor means you’ll have to hire a repairman to fix it or to replace it.

The Compressor


Your compressor might overheat if the compressor coils are too dirty. When it overheats, your compressor is immediately closed by a thermostat. A buildup of dust could also cause your refrigerator to run too often. This is another aspect that will not only make your refrigerator overheat, but it will make your electricity bill much more expensive.

Obviously then, a dusty coil means that your refrigerator will not be able to cool itself down and you’ll have to clean your compressor coils to change this.

Just like you did in the previous subheading, you muse get behind your refrigerator. This means you’ll have to unplug it and pull the refrigerator away from the wall. At the base of your refrigerator you should be able to see a panel.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and clean any dust or dirt away from this panel. Although it is clean, you don’t want to plug your refrigerator back in yet because the components could be overheated and will not work properly.

After about an hour you can plug it in. You should wait a few minutes and if your refrigerator still isn’t working then move on to find a greater issue. If you don’t hear the fan running then the refrigerator is most likely still damaged.


Is your food going bad because your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly? We know what a pain that can be, which is why we’re here to help you through the entire process.

A refrigerator that does not cool will not only cost you time and food, but it will subsequently cost you money. Above, you can read a comprehensive guide which details what you should do if your refrigerator is not cooling properly.

That being said, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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