How to Prevent Unnecessary Home Expenses: 5 Handy Tips for Homeowners

Owning your own home is a huge step in every adult’s life and something you deserve respect for. You saved the money, you took the plunge and now you have your own space.

But hopefully, along with all the dreaming you did about owning your own pad in New Jersey or wherever you call home, you also spent some time thinking about how it would change your life. Here’s a major topic you need to consider: maintenance.

If you haven’t purchased your house yet, this is even something you should consider while still viewing homes. Which ones will require the least amount of expenses and effort? Think about factors such as purchasing a brick-faced house, rather than one you have to paint every year.

Even in new, low maintenance homes, there’s a lot of money that will go towards keeping your home in tip-top shape.

We’re here to help you keep those costs as low as possible because you can save a lot of money in the long run if you simply plan well.

Start at the Top: Look After the Roof

look after the roof

You need to make sure your roof doesn’t have any leaks. According to roofing contractors in New Jersey, a small cracked tile or a missing shingle can quickly become a huge problem, so fixing it as soon as you see the problem is vital. Waterproofing is a wise option and you should regularly check fixtures such as skylights to make sure they’re still sealed properly.

The importance of this is about more than keeping the roof itself intact. You need to manage moisture entering your home or you’ll have problems with mold and water damage down the road.

Luckily you don’t have to do all of this on your own and we suggest you trust the experts, since it is dangerous working on a roof.

All the Way Down: Your Gutters

clean the gutters

You may think your gutter system is meant to channel water away from your roof, but actually it’s about protecting the area at the bottom: your foundation.

You need to clear out leaves and debris from your gutter system to ensure rain water is directed away from your structure. Excess moisture can lead to a crack in any of the slabs that keep your home stable. Preventative measures are crucial.

Down Under: Foundation and Floors


Your foundation needs its very own check to make sure it’s in good shape.

You should consider your garden too in this regard because a big tree’s root system can cause problems:

Roots can grow into or around pipes and damage that can lead to water leaking into the foundation.

A strong tree root that grows under the house can damage the foundation itself.

A tree leaning against a building can cause structural damage. You should trim trees on a regular basis. 

Be Safe: Be Electric-Wise

Clean the air conditioner

Modern technology brings you many innovative gadgets, but don’t let these be the reason why your home deteriorates. Here are a few home DIY tasks to get you started:

Your air conditioning system’s network creates the ideal place for pests like vermin to make nests. Check cavities from time to time and get pest control services if necessary, so rats don’t start chewing on your assets.

Clean the air conditioning filter to make sure it runs efficiently instead of increasing your utility costs unnecessarily.

Hot water heaters should be checked each year to ensure efficiency, or your electricity costs will rise exponentially.

Get Organized: Create a Schedule

Create a Schedule

Many of the tasks we discuss need to take place on a regular basis, whether it’s monthly, yearly or along a different timeline. Many of these tasks can happen each spring to ensure harsh winter conditions didn’t cause any harm. Then you’ll be set for the next 12 months.

But take a tip from how businesses handle maintenance management: get organized.

Create a calendar and add reminders so your mobile phone or desktop calendar tells you when it’s time to prepare for the next maintenance task.

Schedule reminders for a month before maintenance is due: apart from ensuring you won’t miss important maintenance again, you also give yourself time to benefit from special deals on the equipment or products you’ll have to buy.


This article is not meant to ruin your dream of owning your own space. Rather, when you become a homeowner these facts will help ensure you enjoy owning your property even more: no unfortunate surprises or expenses you didn’t budget for.

Do you have any other tips for new homeowners in New Jersey or elsewhere when it comes to managing budgets and thinking ahead? Please share your stories.

Vera Watson

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