Common Mistakes The Pressure Guys In Orlando Florida Want You To Avoid

Pressure washing is a process many homeowners in Orlando employ to keep their property in its best condition. The technique not only cleans the exterior walls but reduces the likelihood of damage to these surfaces that accumulations of grime and other sorts of substances can create.

The average homeowner often prefers to DIY much of the household care and upkeep. While pressure washing can be a relatively straightforward process, there’s the potential for significant damage when done improperly.

Like The Pressure Guys from Orlando, trusted experts would provide professional services in a preventive maintenance-type capacity for homeowners following a routine household maintenance schedule.

These experts and others like them can also offer suggestions on avoiding the most common DIY pressure washing mistakes. Let’s look at some of these now.

What Are Some Common DIY Pressure Washing Mistakes

Pressure washing is an essential component of household maintenance. Whether you choose to use a professional service like The Pressure Guys in Orlando or prefer to DIY the care will depend on your knowledge and expertise.

As with any piece of power equipment, these exude a lot of “psi’s,” meaning much responsibility is needed with use to avoid becoming hurt or creating damage. If you choose to DIY, it’s vital to educate on the basic operation and safety measures, plus learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Learn the techniques for pressure washing a house at Some mistakes to be mindful of include:

Pressure in Excess

A pressure washer can have extreme power. When engaging the pressure excessively, there is the potential for “wood to be splintered, siding to develop a hole and concrete to become scratched” from the strength behind the stream.

You can avoid these occurrences if you start slow and gradually build with the wand’s setting as you need to. You also want to maintain an adequate distance from the wall you’re working on.

More Than Water

Most washings will require some sort of cleanser. The first step in the process is to spray your surfaces with what deems an appropriate detergent or soap, environmentally friendly, meant to break the grime and dirt up, plus kill the mold.

With some cleansers, it might be necessary to let it stand for a few minutes before using it. It’s vital to read the directions thoroughly on the cleaning solution you choose, so you use it appropriately.

Be Mindful of The Landscaping

The suggestion is to use a garden hose to wet down any vegetation surrounding the area you intend to wash. This step prevents cleansers that might fall onto the foliage from drying on their surfaces, eventually burning the leaves.

If the greenery begins to dry during the process, you might need to stop and re-water the plants again.

Suppose you’re using chemicals that you believe might not be environmentally friendly. In that case, it’s an excellent idea to tarp these areas to prevent the chemicals from damaging not only the plantings but from seeping into the soil.

Painted Surfaces Might not Do Well

Because of the power behind a pressure washing stream, painted surfaces might not stand up to even a gentle setting, particularly if the pain is old or has had extensive sun exposure. See here the steps for pressure washing a house’s exterior. It’s wise to avoid using the equipment on:

1. Gutters

2. Stained/painted surfaces

3. Old mortar

4. Siding (fiber cement)

Surfaces Prone to Mildew or Mold could Develop Mold or Mildew

A pressure washer can effectively eliminate mildew and mold when used with an appropriate cleansing solvent, but it depends on the surface. Fabrics and drywall take considerable time to dry with the likelihood they could develop mildew or mold before the drying out process is complete.

Before employing pressure washing on any surface, it’s vital to educate on possible dry times to prevent the prospect of growing spores.

Final Thought

If you’re unfamiliar with using pressure washing equipment, you could cause severe damage to the machine if you do so ill-prepared. For those intent to perform DIY washing, make sure to request thorough instructions and receive a demonstration if renting the washer.

If purchasing the equipment, read the manufacturer’s handbook before attempting use. If you don’t feel comfortable, contact a representative for further guidance.

Ideally, homeowners in Orlando will take advantage of expert services like The Pressure Guys.

Professionals like these have the knowledge and experience to handle the job in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner using the right tools and equipment in an appropriate setting with no fear of damage or harm to people, plants, or pets.

With annual preventive washing, you will live free of damage and pests, plus be the envy of the neighborhood.
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