Home Renovations Ideas – Preparing Your Home for The Winters

Our lifestyle changes with the seasons, so we should change our homes accordingly. It is not contradictory that summers are the most feasible time to make renovations and changes as you desire to your homes. When warm breezes are blowing and summer is fresh in the atmosphere, you may not feel necessary to prepare your home for winter. But early initiatives will ensure your house is in good shape before the fall of winter.

If your area has a history of harsh winter, develop a plan to organize your home so that you enjoy cozy nights in unpleasant weather conditions. For example, Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of those places with freezing winters. The Cincinnati weather radar often forecasts heavy snowfall between mid-November to mid-March and temperatures can go as low as 0°F. 

Cold weather, snowfall, and accumulated ice can cause damage to your home — unless you spare some extra time to make necessary changes before the chilling winter takes hold.

Basic Home Renovation Ideas Before Winters

Effective completion of this checklist will prepare you to counter unpleasant conditions and make your dwelling a warm and comfortable place to live in chilling weather.

1. Insulation on Your Roof-Top

Insulation on Roof-Top

Insulating the roof-top is a primary way to keep your dwelling warm and provide your family a warm and comfy environment. Insulation on the garret helps cut down on your electricity bills. You can hire a contractor or DIY if you know how to do it. It is necessary to mention that you find the correct “R-value” insulation for the garret.

The “R-value” refers to the efficiency of the insulation. An R-value of at least 38 is ideal for insulation.

2. Renovating the Kitchen

The weather does not allow you to move freely out of your house at any time. You spend most of the time indoors; hence, renovating the kitchen is a good idea. Gentrification of a kitchen for winters can cost you around $20,000-25,000. However, renovation during summers can get you some good off-season discounts.

The kitchen turns into a storage place in winter. Covering the kitchen wall with an easy-to-install pegboard can turn it into a storage wall. You can further use it for hanging pans, cutting boards, pots, and other utensils. Pegboard comes in a variety of colors and styles. It adds to storage space without losing any square feet area.

3. Remodeling Bathrooms

Remodeling Bathroom

Remodeling bathrooms will give a fresh look to your home. However, bathroom renovations can range from a few hundred dollars to some thousand dollars. If you do not want to spend more and keep it cost-effective, a new coat of paint is sufficient to change the mood. However, an extra budget can allow you to change the bathtub, shower, valve, and vanity case.

The water in the pipe can freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and burst the pipe. Insulation protects the water pipes from damage when the temperature drops. You can get it at any hardware store. DIY as it is easy to apply. Cut it according to the length of the pipe and wrap it around, securing it with duct tape.

4. Securing the Basement

If you want more living space, finishing your basement is a smart way to get a more usable area for yourself. To use it as an extra bedroom for guests, a hang-out place for kids, or a dedicated laundry space, you can design the space as you see fit.

Insulation behind the basement walls heats the bottom of your house. An insulated basement decreases the chances of freezing water pipes during cold snaps. Insulation of the basement helps curtail the heating bills.

5. Converting to an Open-Concept Floor Plan

Open-Concept Floor Plan

These days, the concept of an open living area is in trend. However, you do not have to go anywhere for this. Once completed, it is an ideal set-up for a family get-together and cooking at the same time.

Scheduling a contractor during the winter months will not bother you much. The contractors tend to spare time during winters. The service provider will figure out the walls, which can bear the loads and help you configure new space.

6. Renovating Wardrobe

Renovating your wardrobe is another indoor project that improves the interior of the house. It is a natural fit for the winter season. The scope of work is quite simple. There is more to design the utility of space than the actual installation.

The main benefit is the materials used in the renovation. Typically, closets are made up of either coated wire or prefabricated melamine stuff. Neither of those materials needs to get accustomed to the temperature, as in the case of hardwood.

Make Your Home Ready for Winters

Give your home a change-over and prepare for winter. Ensure you give proper attention to repairs and renovations before the year's first frost. Get the exterior as well as the interior ready so that you can withstand the cold winters.

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