DIY Project: How to Create a Kitchen Cabinet Using Plexiglass Sheets

Traditional glass has been a popular choice for many individuals in the last few years. However, the wave is changing as individuals today prefer other types of glass. These types of glass exist thanks to the advancement of science as well as technology. Plexiglass is a plastic that is transparent and can be used as a substitute for traditional glass for windows. Plexiglass popularity is on the rise because of the several advantages it has over the glass. You can use acrylic sheeting for different purposes. The plexiglass comes in different varieties, making it easy for you to decide on a style that will suit your home.

Why Plexiglass is Gaining Popularity?

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The clear plexiglass can be used in various areas of the home. One of the most popular uses of plexiglass is in the kitchen. The plexiglass is being used on paneled cabinet doors to add some style as well as provide the benefits associated with using plexiglass. One thing that the use of plexiglass offers is a range of options. As long as you install the plexiglass correctly, you will reap the benefits fully. There is nothing complicated about the installation, but it needs to be done correctly. This article will illustrate a step by step installation of a custom cabinet when utilizing plexiglass sheets.

Tools You Will Need


Before you begin to customize the cabinet doors, you will need several tools. These tools include a screwdriver, jigsaw, trim saw, utility knife, measuring tape, router, glazing compound, metal putty knife, and glazier’s points.

Step by Step Customization of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The creation of a custom cabinet using plexiglass is an easy process. First, you need to inspect the paneled cabinet you want to customize. The purpose of this step is that it helps you determine how the cabinet was originally built.

These panel doors can be constructed by either cutting off a single board of wood or utilization of a tongue-and-groove type of joint. If the cabinet is made with a tongue-and-groove type of joint, it will budge even with a little force.

This project aims to customize the cabinet to promote the use of plexiglass sheets instead of glass. The second step will be to remove the cabinet doors. This will be achieved by removing the caps that hold the panel doors in place.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet

Once the cabinet door is off, you place it on a work area with the front of the door facing down. The trim saw is a great tool to use in cutting the joints which are placed on the interior left and right positions of the cabinet door edges. This step will allow you to work with the panel edges, making it easy to take off the panel. The plexiglass can thus be installed in the created open groove.

Removal of the panel is a difficult task and can be made easier by using a sharp knife to cut the glue, holding the panel in place. Removing the panel door involves some intense work, and thus, one should carry out the process carefully to avoid damage that would make it impossible to install the plexiglass sheets.

The jigsaw should be used cautiously in removing the panel door. Create a significant cut on the edges of the door frame. Making cuts on all the edges should be such that it accommodates the actual measurements of the plexiglass panel. This is the step where you may make potential errors. Hence, creating shallow grooves is important as it helps you to resize the notch that fits perfectly without causing costly damages to the cabinet door.

Take the measurements of the cabinet door and add ½ an inch horizontally and vertically. Use these measurements when purchasing the plexiglass of your own design. The plexiglass will differ in terms of shape and color. You can purchase plexiglass on either online stores or physical stores.

Roll a thick rope out of putty. The rope should then be pressed on the dent on the paneled door. The purpose of this step is to line the entire notch with a significant amount of glazing compound.

Take the plexiglass pane and fix it into the cuts by pressing down lightly on the putty. Glazier’s points are also key in utilizing the plexiglass sheets. The purpose of the glazier’s points is to keep the plexiglass pane in place long enough for the compound holding it to dry.

The last step involves running the glazing compound along the edge of the panes, which serves the purpose of stabilizing the panel. The putty will be used to smoothen the compound and get rid of any extra compound.

Once you've mastered a kitchen cabinet who knows where you'll stop - maybe you'll create your own breakfast bar next!

Where to Buy Plexiglass Online?

If you have a question that goes like, “Where can I buy plexiglass near me or where to buy plexiglass?”, then worry no more as you can get the plexiglass of your choice from online stores which will deliver the plexiglass sheets at your home. Fab Glass and Mirror is an online seller that offers plenty of genuine choices. There are different styles of plexiglass, and this online seller will not only ensure you get the right size of acrylic sheets that fit your cabinet but will also guide you through the process with their informative product descriptions and web content. There are other online sellers such as A&C Plastics Inc that will provide high-quality materials at a very reasonable price. The use of plexiglass will not only ensure the upkeep of your kitchen but will also ensure durability.

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