5 Things Every Playroom Needs

Playrooms aren’t just another room in your house. They’re a place where kids will lose hours playing, laughing and having fun. It’s also a place where young minds are developed and shaped. It seems like a lot of pressure to put on a single room, however, it’s the things that go into a playroom that make it special. 

When decorating a playroom, choose pieces that are both functional and practical. Kids need room to roam, so don’t over design. Choose pieces like craft tables, bookshelves and a wide variety of toys and you will soon see just how much a playroom can benefit a child and their development. 

Craft Table

Craft Table

The importance of craft tables cannot be overestimated. One table is an opportunity for your child and you to engage in real and relevant learning. This type of learning can work towards fostering an engaging and exciting approach to education. 

Creative play plays a central role in the learning and development of children under schooling age. While a craft table provides the means by which to engage in creative play. Craft tables can accommodate puzzles, painting, coloring in and making crafts

As a craft table can provide so many benefits to kids, it’s important to purchase the right table. Look for a large space that can house a few chairs so that craft table play can be shared. 



Every playroom should feature a bookshelf. This is because the books that the bookshelf can hold are very beneficial. By showing infants pictures and naming objects on the page, parents are assisting in their child’s development of language

Picture books and novels are just as important. By reading picture books out loud, kids can start to name objects that they see in the real world. While reading novels out loud to children helps them expand their understanding of the world and stimulate their imagination. 

Reading to children helps them develop language and listening skills, readily preparing them to understand the written word. Making the presence of books and a bookshelf in a playroom a must have. 

Plenty of Floor Space

Plenty of floor space

Making sure that there is plenty of floor space in a playroom is a tip that is both practical and beneficial for children. By not overcrowding the space you limit the potential for accidents where a child bumps into things. By leaving floor space you also allow for unstructured play to take place.

All kinds of play benefit different areas of a child’s development. An important aspect of play time is unstructured play. This type of play allows children the freedom to explore, create and discover without rules or guidelines. Allowing creativity, imaginations and problem-solving abilities to develop. Therefore, leave space for the child to have an unstructured play and watch their cognitive, physical and social development soar. 

A Sense of Magic 

A sense of magic

Every great playroom should have a sprinkle of magic in it. This is an important yet easy way to foster a child’s creativity while also allowing them to have a space that is just for them. Putting a sense of magic into a room isn’t something that needs to be hard. It can be simple ideas like painting a quote on the wall from a movie or creating nooks in the room dedicated to individual activities. You could also go a step further by decorating the room like a treehouse using stencils or building a ladder and treehouse. If your child is in a creative environment, their own sense of creativity blossoms.

Wide Variety of Toys

Wide variety of toys

No playroom is complete without toys, and lots of them for that matter. Toys aren’t just a great way to keep kids entertained, they are also great educators as well. Having a wide range of toys helps keep kids interested and learning new skills even before school starts. 

By playing with Play-Doh kids are using their hands to create things and therefore developing fine motor skills. The presence of an Etch A Sketch is helping kids become familiar with holding a pen in hand and writing. While a simple toy like a set of blocks is giving kids the opportunity to build things from the ground up. Therefore, a wide variety of toys in a playroom means that everyday, kids can be developing new skills. 

Designing a Playroom

When designing a playroom think equal parts style and functionality. Of course a playroom has to be designed with thought because this is one of the easiest ways to inspire kids and influence their creativity. However playrooms also need to include a few key items so that kids can develop and hone key skills before even setting foot in school. Pieces like craft tables and bookshelves or even free floor space can have positive effects on children. 

Vera Watson

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