Platform Bed vs Box Spring: Which Is Better for You?

The quality of your sleep will affect how you will feel and perform during the day. It also plays a significant role in your health and mental wellness. That is why is important that you choose and deeply evaluate the tools you use for sleep. Choosing between a platform bed vs box spring can determine if you’ll be waking up refreshed or worse than before you slept.

Platform bed

Often called a cabin bed, platform beds are is a simple, usually wood, rectangular-shaped bed. This type of bed rarely provides support for the user. Its primary purpose is to hold the mattress or raise it above the floor. Some platform beds can be made of plastic, metal, wood, and other stiff materials.

Although most platform beds have a simple design, advancements in technology have allowed the creation of more elegant and sophisticated-looking beds.

What Is a Box Spring?

Box spring

Box springs or divans are more complicated than platform beds. There are some mattresses which come with spring in it called innerspring mattresses. Box springs are filled with springs that are often supported or held together by a wooden or metal frame and covered by a cloth. Box springs are meant to complement the support provided by the mattress. It can also help raise the height of your bed for aesthetic or health purposes.

Factors That You Should Consider

The best type of bed varies per person. A lot of things can affect the kind of bed that would suit you better. Hence, when choosing between a platform bed and a box spring, you need to consider various factors such as those listed below:

Your Sleeping Habits

Your Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping habits include the time you sleep, your sleeping position, your posture and more. The way you sleep can affect how your bed will affect you. If you move around a lot at night, then a box spring may be uncomfortable for you. Most bed distributors allow buyers to try out their beds. So, don’t be afraid to lie down on box springs and platform beds and try your most common sleeping positions.

Your Health

Your Health

Some physical disfigurements can cause discomfort depending on the type of bed you are using. A very soft and bouncy bed may be uncomfortable for people who have disfigured spines. While stiffer beds, like platform beds, may not be best for people with muscle pains.

Your Budget

Your Budget

After buying a bed frame, you will need to buy other stuff like mattresses, pillows and bed sheets. Hence, you can’t allocate your entire budget on your bed frame or bed support alone. Maybe you’ll want to buy the best mattress for platform beds or the best pillow for box springs, whatever the case is, your budget should always be something to keep in mind.

Advantages, Disadvantages of Platform Beds and Box Springs

Advantages, Disadvantages of Platform Beds and Box Springs

1. Platform Beds


The first advantage of a platform bed over a box spring is that the former is cheaper than the latter. Because of their simple design, manufacturers can mass produce them easier and use fewer materials; thus, giving them the freedom to sell their products at a lower rate. By buying a platform bed, you can use your savings on other materials such as mattresses, bed sheets, and pillows.

Platform beds are also great for memory foam mattresses. Due to their stiffness, memory foams can retain their shape better with platform beds. Nevertheless, the platform bed can be used with pretty much any kind of mattress. Some bed owners also prefer the simple and modern design of platform beds.

Its thinness also occupies less space. Hence, it can make your room look better. Platform beds also limit the dipping of your bed which is generally better for your posture. Other advantages of platform beds include:

  • Cheaper than buying a box spring
  • Some users prefer stiffer beds
  • Can be used with any mattress
  • Platform beds with spaces between their slats provide a lot of air circulation
  • Can be shaped into any design without the loss of support
  • Wooden and metal platform beds can be equipped with drawers on their sides
  • Ideal for memory foam mattresses


Some of the advantages of platform beds can also be their disadvantages. Since platform beds are thinner than box springs; they can be a problem for people with knee and back problems. These people can have trouble standing up or lying down on their bed.

People with disabilities may also experience these problems with platform beds. Another disadvantage of platform beds is that they are harder to move around. The only way to get a large platform bed through a door is to disassemble it completely.

  • More difficult to transport and move around
  • Can cost more money if you need to buy softer mattresses
  • Harder to get up from

2. Box Springs


Box springs can easily be noticed due to their full shape and design. This design can be an advantage for people who want a more classic look on their bed. Its thickness also makes it easier for older and disabled people to stand up from their bed.

Another advantage of a box spring is that it can provide additional support to your mattress. This support reduces the sagging of your mattress because the pressure it carries is reduced. Some people only need mattress toppers along with their box springs because the latter already provides the support they need. Box springs are also easier to move than platform beds.

  • Easier to slide out and get off from because of its thickness
  • Helps absorb and distribute the body weight of the user
  • It can help extend the life and prevent the sagging of mattresses
  • Has a traditional and classic look


Because of the different materials needed and the complexity of its design, box springs are more expensive than platform beds. A box spring often requires additional elements such as frames, headboards, and mattresses which add to the already costly box spring.

Uneven pressure can also weaken some springs in the bed which will result in soft spots and dimples that can be incredibly uncomfortable. Lastly, a box spring requires significantly more space than a platform bed.

  • Costs more and requires additional frames and mattresses
  • Rarely equipped with a drawer or storage spaces
  • May lose support over time and result in uneven shapes
  • Metal springs may rust in very humid environments

Here is an video on Frequently Asked Questions about box springs:


You should take your time when choosing between a platform bed and a box spring. You need to consider various factors and the advantages or disadvantages of each type of bed. Otherwise, you might end up regretting what you buy. Just remember these factors, and you’ll be good to go:

  • Sleeping Habits
  • Health
  • Budget

Although most box springs are different, if I were to recommend you one, the Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation would be my pick thanks to its durable design and great texture. For platform beds, the KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed would be my favorite because of its simple but elegant design and affordable price. 

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Vera Watson

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