5 Benefits of Using A Plastic Greenhouse

Are you planning to purchase or install a greenhouse in your home? You may be hesitant whether to choose the classic glass or the sturdy plastic greenhouses. Indeed, most people have childhood memories surrounding old glass greenhouses.

However, plastic greenhouses are growing common nowadays. Polycarbonate greenhouses specifically are emerging as a prominent alternative to glass. If you’re still on the fence about which material is better, check out the five benefits of using a plastic greenhouse below.

What is the Function of a Greenhouse?

Before discussing the advantages of plastic greenhouses, do you know the function of a greenhouse? They’re structures where you can nurture crops and flowers in a healthy surrounding. Greenhouses retain the warmth of the sunlight. Moreover, they’re frameworks that safeguard plants from harsh weather such as strong wind, rain, or cold temperature.

The Benefits of Having a Plastic Greenhouse

Due to their practical use, it’s crucial to select the right material to fit your needs. Yes, both glass and plastic are popular options when it comes to greenhouses.

However, to help you narrow down your alternatives, here are excellent reasons why you should opt for plastic greenhouses. 

benefits of using a plastic greenhouse

1. Plastic is a Tough Material

Plastic, particularly the polycarbonate type, is a resilient material that lasts a long time. Plastic products are more robust than glass, which allows them to take in more distress before breaking. Aside from being sturdier, plastic is more lightweight, enabling you to manage and carry it anywhere readily.   

Keep in mind that glass can be an intricate material to handle. It’s brittle, fragile, and quickly breaks. If you reside in a location that’s prone to thunderstorms or tornadoes, your glass can easily crack when tree trunks or branches strike them. This scenario is hazardous not only for you but the people around you as well.

When you decide to opt for a plastic greenhouse, you’ll never have to worry about these types of issues. Plastic is a rigid material, and it can withstand severe weather conditions.

2. Available in Various Sizes & Shapes

Besides being sturdy, plastic greenhouses are available in various sizes and shapes. Some companies even offer modular greenhouses, which you can either shorten or expand depending on the design you have in mind.

Granted that you can choose from various retailers today, searching for a suitable plastic greenhouse that will fit your particular requirement will not be challenging. With so many flexible styles, you can readily choose the greenhouse ideal for your backyard, no matter the size of your location. 

If you want to know the available options, you can look for a plastic greenhouse at swgreenhouses.co.uk.

3. Simple to Install

Don’t have enough time to build a greenhouse? Plastic greenhouses are straightforward and quick to install. It can take you roughly one day to set one up. Moreover, if you want something modified or if it requires any repairs, you can do the work without worrying about damaging any part.

However, a glass greenhouse will require more effort to assemble. As a matter of fact, it’s an elaborate material that requires skill when installing. Hence, contractors typically build them.

4. Better UV Protection and Sunlight Flow

Keep in mind that plastic is denser than glass. This means that the material will circulate sunlight better throughout the structure. As a result, developing plants will receive an equal measure of light, which is vital for their growth. 

Furthermore, polycarbonate plastic considerably lessens the need to transfer crops in elevated sections or apply artificial grow lights. Likewise, the material is a naturally ultraviolet filter, so it shields your beloved plants from the extreme effects of damaging radiation.  

5. Framework is Customizable

And finally, plastic greenhouses, in general, utilizes a wooden framework while glass ones favor steel structures. When you have a wooden framework, you can choose to paint the form yourself, plus design and maintain it. Of course, metal frameworks often are pre-treated with specific paint, and they’re tougher to decorate.


As mentioned above, it’s clear that plastic is an excellent option when you’re planning to buy or build your greenhouse. If you have children or if you’re a fur parent, you might want to explore plastic for safety reasons as some pieces may fall on the floor when your glass greenhouse break and may injure your running pets or kids.

Yes, traditional glass greenhouses are here to stay. However, with polycarbonate or plastic greenhouses becoming better alternatives, there’s a more cost-effective and optimal choice for the future. 

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