What to Keep in Mind While Planning a Child’s Bedroom

Designing a child’s bedroom can be a very complicated task. On the one hand, it’s not a surprise that as parents we want to do everything in our power to make our kids happy, that’s why we try to include everything they may like. On the other hand, it’s easy to fall into the trap of planning a room we would like instead of focusing on their needs.

That’s why careful planning is so important. But what should you focus on to create the perfect room for your child?

Choose Neutral Colours

neutral colours

Many parents choose to go with very bright colours or add colours typically associated with gender. But there’s no guarantee that your daughter will enjoy living in a room that’s full of pink elements, or that your son will feel comfortable surrounded by shades of blue. When you’re choosing paint for the walls, it’s better to focus on neutral palettes. And if you want to add other colours, do it with decorations.

You can even give your child a chance to pick such elements. Kids, especially the younger ones, are still learning and finding out what they like, so giving them such a base is a great way of expressing themselves. Not to mention that their taste is going to change, and replacing decorations is a lot easier and more cost-effective than repainting the walls.

Find The Best Layout

Find the best layout

You can’t forget that a child’s bedroom is not just a bedroom. It needs a comfortable bed, but also a desk and an area reserved for playing. You can separate such spaces with different rugs or colours, but in a smaller room, you’ll just have to find ways to maximise the available space.

After all, you want to make sure that the room will be comfortable and practical. And remember that sometimes your project may look better on paper than in reality. Don’t get discouraged, you can simply try different layouts, by moving the furniture around. This way, you’ll see what works best.

Let The Light In

Let the light in

Natural light can influence our mood and make us more productive and creative. That’s why it’s important to make sure that a sufficient amount of sunlight can get into your child’s bedroom.

You don’t want them to spend their time in a dark and gloomy room. So don’t cover the windows if it’s not necessary and use light colours on the walls and in decorations to make it appear even brighter. And if the room is situated at the very top of the house, installing Velux flat roof windows may be a great idea that will help you let as much daylight in as possible.

Add Various Storage Options

Add Various Storage Options

Kids’ rooms can get very messy, very easily. And if you want to avoid walking on the floor covered with toys, you need to include at least a few different storage options while making your plans. A wardrobe for clothes will be necessary, but don’t forget to include boxes or baskets for toys as well. To maximise the space available for storage, you can also choose a bed with built-in storage. This will make it a lot easier to avoid the mess. And with the variety of solutions you can find on the market these days, you can easily find containers that will double up as decorations as well.



Decorations are important in any room. But when you decorate your own bedroom, you often try to highlight certain architectural elements to turn them into an important part of your interior design. For example, sash windows in the UK are quite popular and can give the whole house a beautiful and unique look. Yet such a window can look a bit too elegant and serious in a child’s bedroom.

You can easily solve such issues by adding colourful curtains. You can even use ones with interesting patterns. Adding decoration is an easy way of transforming the whole room. And if you want the design to be more interesting, it may be a good idea to choose elements related to the things your child is interested in.


If you keep in mind that you’re designing a room for your child, not for yourself, planning it will become a lot easier. Just remember that it should not only look good but be practical as well. And if you want to save money, choose things that will grow together with your child. This way, you’ll avoid another renovation for at least a few years.


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