Padlocks: A Synonym for Security or an Invitation for Trouble?

When it comes to security for certain things, padlocks are the natural answer. And why not? They’re small, convenient to use, and strong enough to stop most thefts. They’re also inexpensive and available for sale practically everywhere.

Where would most people be if they wanted to secure a storage locker, a bicycle, and many more things if they didn’t have a padlock? And, when you consider the options that are available in styles and types, padlocks are the answer in many situations. Anyone who is curious about their padlock options can ask for details from Action Lock Doc, but for now, read on.

Protecting Your Booty

For nearly as long as people have had things they wanted to protect, there have been locks. The first of what we today know as padlocks were created by the Romans about 500 years B.C. Prior to this time, locks were permanently fastened to whatever was being protected, although the locking mechanism was much the same. The locks themselves measured about one and a half inches by two and a half inches. As time went on, the Romans discovered a need for locks that were removable—what we today think of as a padlock—so whatever was being safeguarded could have the lock removed and replaced as needed.

By about 25 A.D., trade routes in China opened, and the use of padlocks exploded to protect things being traded from those who sought to steal those goods. It was about this time that locks also became more sophisticated to foil thieves.

With the growth of the Industrial Revolution and the machining processes that were developed by that time, padlocks became not only easier to make and mass-produce but less expensive as well. By the 1920s, the Master Lock Company was formed, and the industry quickly developed into what we see today.

Padlocks and Security

For almost as long as padlocks have been in use, they have symbolized the idea of security. Look at nearly any website and wherever you see security being discussed, and there will often be a picture of a padlock. In fact, if you look up at the top of your browser page, to the left of the line where the URL appears, you will see a tiny lock—a symbol of the security of the web.

But, for all of this talk about padlocks and security, how secure are padlocks? Are padlocks really that secure in protecting property? The answer is yes, but the extent to which this is true depends on the human psyche.

Even with all the work that goes into the development of padlocks, nearly anyone would agree there are limits to the security provided by these tools. It’s no doubt that padlocks provide a psychological sense of heightened security, a visual deterrent even, but anyone must realize there are limits to what abuse a padlock can endure as well as the extent to which some people will go through to break a lock and get to whatever is being protected.

The bottom line is that padlocks do provide an excellent level of protection for whatever they are meant to secure. But there are practical limits, and understandably, practically no limit to what a criminal will go through to get what they want. So, do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

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