Adding Elegance to Your Home with Oak Wood Flooring

Whether installing a new floor or renovating the one you had, it is not debatable that your choice of floor will greatly influence the feel and aesthetic appeal of your home. Since floors are a long-term commitment that may not be switched as regularly as curtains or cushions, a lot of thought should go into choosing what flooring type to go with. The ideal floor should be one that offers affordable, timeless and durable elegance that can stand rapidly changing tastes and preferences.

Since as early as the 1800s wood flooring has been the go-to floor type for people wanting classy, timeless floors for their homes. Engineered oak wood flooring combines all the benefits of wood plus other advantages making it a favourite among homeowners.

How Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Adds Elegance to Your Home

Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

An engineered wood flooring is one made from a thin layer of hardwood bonded over a substrate of high-quality plywood. You can choose to use any type of hardwood as your top layer; either oak, maple or walnut. In engineered wood flooring, top quality is topped with a layer of oak wood.

Oak is one of the most versatile and desirable hardwoods, coming in many shades that could be manipulated to bring out any effect you may want to achieve in your home. Since the floor sets the tone for the rest of the home décor, this range of shades to choose from gives the interior design the needed flexibility to decorate the house. Some of the shades of oak wood floors and their effects include:

  • White/grey oak - This is perfect if you want to achieve a cool, contemporary feel. This shade bridges the gap between a modern and homey effect and also provides the perfect base for a flair of other interior decorations
  • Light natural oak - Most suitable if the aim is to add warmth to your room. This is mainly preferred for kitchens and hallways which tend to have a cold feel and could use such a boost
  • Stained/lacquered oak - If you want to bring out a traditional or classic effect to your space, then the lacquered oak is your best bet, perfect for rustic rooms and country houses
  • Dark Oak - That is suitable if you want to add a dramatic flair to a room

These shades can be manipulated in engineered wood floors to bring out the opulence, class, and elegance of any room, transforming any home into a stunning eye-catching place that appeals to the homeowner and guest alike.

Other Benefits of Engineered Oak Wood Flooring 

Perhaps the best thing about an engineered oak wood flooring is that it not only adds an elegant aesthetic to your home but it is also more durable, versatile, and practical than other floor types.

Benefits of Engineered Oak Wood Flooring


The construction of an engineered oak wood floor is such that it provides stability and resistance to moisture and variations in temperatures. The plywood layer underneath acts as a moderator taking in most of the effects of adverse conditions. This not only makes this type of flooring durable for long periods but also suitable for rooms like bathrooms, hallways, and underground rooms.


An Engineered Oak Wood flooring can harmonize with any design you might want to try out in a room. There are also a variety of styles to go with including plank, Versailles, Herringbone, and Chevron. This gives an interior designer creative liberty to play around with different colours and styles until they found out one which suits you best.


Engineered oak wood flooring is easy to maintain, where dust and dirt can be easily removed by wiping. If the effects of time – a long time – causes it to start wearing off, you can easily refurbish it by re-sanding it to achieve its original lustre.

Final Thoughts

If installed correctly, engineered oak wood flooring will bring elegance, durability, versatility and practicality to your floors. At Wood Flooring Ireland, each floor is treated as an art space, and professionals who pay impeccable attention to detail will ensure you get the highest standard of your desired floor. The oak is derived from the highest quality European forests where they are handled by expert saw millers and treated with environmentally friendly finishes. Get your floor from us and enjoy the highest standard of any wood floor you may desire.

Author Bio: This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland. Martin is an expert in wood flooring and specialises in Oak Wood Flooring.

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