What To Look At When There Is No Power To Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that automatically regulates temperature or one that activates a device when a certain temperature is reached. Thermostats are found almost everywhere in our day to day lives from irons to boilers, freezers, fridges and even ovens.

During a very hot or cold season, the last thing you need is a faulty thermostat. Worse still is if you are going through a financial crisis and cannot think of getting another one or getting someone to look at it since you will need to pay for their services.

Before we look at no power to the thermostat, let us look at the types of the thermostat. We wouldn’t want you fixing the right problem to the wrong appliance. There are many types of thermostats and it important that you understand the types before we can get to what to do when there is no power to the thermostat.

1. Non-programmable

Non - Progammable

They mainly have buttons (change from heating to cooling and move the temperature up and down) and a LED display screen.


These types of thermostats allow for one to set the temperature as one does an alarm clock; beforehand. You can pre-set the temperatures to the times that you want it at and at any time of the day.

3. Touch Screen

Touch Screen

A ‘smart’ thermostat is one that is has everything at the touch of a finger. These types of thermometers are more popular because of the smart.

4. Wireless


This type of thermostat does not only give you huge expenses on gas and electricity bills but are something trendy to have around.

5. Outlet

These thermometers work well with portable appliances hence the name outlet.

What To Look At When There Is No Power To Thermostat?

No power to thermostat can be caused by various aspects. Here are some causes that may be causing no power in your thermostat:

1. Tripped Circuit Breaker Or Blown Fuse


When there is a power surge, the circuit breakers and fuse take the blow and once they are hit hard, they do not work and you may assume that the entire thermostat is faulty yet it can be fixed by replacing the fuse or circuit breaker.

2. Power


You should check the details of the thermostat and see how many volts it needs and if your power source supplies it. If the thermostat needs 240V and you supply it with 120V then it will surely not work.

3. Battery


Many times it’s the battery that is faulty and replacing it will bring your thermostat to life. When a battery is dead, it always gives you the illusion that it is the device that has a problem. Changing the battery goes a long way in fixing the problem.

4. Wiring Around The Thermostat


Have you ever thought the trouble could be the wires around the thermostat. One could have come off, burnt out or was loosely connected. Just replace the wire or screw it in properly.

5. Check The Settings


This happens mainly with touch screen thermostats as they may not fit the size of your fingers or you touched a step when you intended to touch another. Moreover, you could have changed the settings and it would be advisable to check if all the settings are as they should be, if not, ensure that you set them to default or the ones that suit you.

6. Dust

Just as any other appliance, thermostats need to be dusted and if they have too much dust, wipe the dust off with a dry cloth.

7. Anticipator

The anticipator is an electrical resistor device at the centre of the thermostat. Its main function is to fine tune the points at which the thermostat turns off the furnace burners. Adjusting the anticipator will go a long way in getting your thermometer to work again. However, you need to ensure extreme concentration.

8. Longevity

No power to thermostat can be a case of longevity. Check how long you have used the thermostat. If you have used the thermostat for a long time, it could just have ‘died of old age’. My thermostat for Z-wave protocol had to be replaced after 8 years of use.

Checking the quality of the thermometer when buying them at the store, you do not need a low-quality one that can break down at any time.

Troubleshooting the thermostat can also help. Just like computers and phones, thermostats are also overloaded and need a chance to reboot. In fact, this can be one of your first steps when there is no power to thermostat however, it could cause problems if there is an electrical fault around the thermostat.

Moreover, always ensure that you have ruled out all other possibilities before you make an assumption that it is the thermostat itself that is faulty.


These are just basic tips to take before you call the local repairman telling them to fix the thermostat and find out that it was something you could have recognized on your own.

Please, not that you should be careful when doing all this on your own because you do not want to get electrocuted in the process. If you have discovered the problem e.g. faulty wiring and cannot repair the problem on your own, get someone preferably a friend who is well-versed with electrical appliances.

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