Top 7 Mishaps That End Up Requiring Tile Regrouting

Is your grout starting to crack and crumble?

Tiles that are properly and expertly installed don’t have grout that cracks and crumble easily. They last a long time and cause no hassle and trouble to homeowners.

However, some instances cause grout to crack and crumble earlier than expected. Some of it are stuff that even homeowners themselves do. To provide a better understanding when it comes to dealing with tile grout, we will enlist the top seven mishaps that cause the need for tile regrouting. In understanding each, you will be well aware and informed of important matters involving proper tile and grout maintenance.

About Tile Regrouting

Tile Regrouting

Tile regrouting is a two-step process that is best done by experts. It involves the removal of hardened old grout from the joints or seams between tiles and the application of new grout. It is done by using the following: oscillating tool, grout float, and a sponge. Removal of old cracked grout is done by scraping and using an oscillating tool.

All installed tiles need to be regrouted after some time. However, some need to be regrouted earlier than expected due to faulty human actions, uninformed cleaning habits, and accidents.

Top 7 Reasons That Cause The Need for Tile Regrouting

Reasons That Cause The Need for Tile Regrouting

Reason #1: Improper Mixing

Grout requires proper handling and care. One of the top reasons why they crack and crumble easily is when the people who placed it did not observe proper mixture standards and requirements.

Grout is not an ordinary concrete mix. It is lightweight and needs calculated amounts of different elements and ingredients to be in a top form that won’t easily crack or crumble.

If you will be doing the regrouting yourself, it is best to purchase a premixed grout to avoid improper mixing. Grout powder that is not premixed requires expert care. If not mixed properly, they can crack and crumble easily. This is often due to the mishandling of water in the mixture.

Reason #2: Under-mixing

Applying an under-mixed grout causes early crumbling and cracks. This happens when a grout mixture lacks enough manual mixture, water, or grout powder. For good application, it has to be in the right consistency. To avoid having to research and carefully observe proper grout mixture, it’s best to hire experts that know exactly what to do. Upon hiring one, you need not worry if you’d use enough or too much water or powder. You also need not worry if you’ve achieved the best grout consistency.

Reason #3: Use of Wrong Tools

The use of the wrong tools also causes premature grout damage. This is often the problem when homeowners do the tile installation themselves. As most homeowners don’t have the right tools and don’t invest money on buying proper ones, DIY tools used during application tend to not create a properly placed grout. This is not unique to homeowners that love and favor DIY projects, service providers can also be guilty of doing this. Amateur repairmen can also end up using the wrong tools that allow for ideal grout application. To avoid this, opt to hire experts that have years of experience in the field.

Reason #4: Use of Bleach

Bleach should never be used to clean grout. If you use bleach to clean your grout, don’t be surprised if you’d need to do regrouting anytime soon. Apart from the obvious fact that bleach is toxic, it also easily damages grout compounds. If you think it cleans your grout, it probably does in the sense that it can remove bacteria and kill viruses, but it also equally damages it. If you have colored grout, bleach can also cause unwanted fading. The worst effect that it has is its ability to weaken a grout’s composition. Hence, grout easily cracks when cleaned with bleach.

Reason #5: Use of Vinegar

Vinegar should also not be used in cleaning grout. It has highly acidic compounds that can cause grout to easily crack and crumble. Grout is a lightweight concrete. Cleaning it should never be done with the use of vinegar as it is too acidic and can easily weaken grout compounds and composition that help in preventing early cracking and crumbling.

Reason #6: Use of Harmful Chemicals

Do you check the chemicals that you use when cleaning tile grout? If you have cracked and crumbled grout, you probably use harsh chemicals. When cleaning, ensure that the detergents and cleaners that you use are not high in acid. Just as vinegar is highly corrosive to grout, so are all chemicals and solutions that are high in acid content. If your cleaner smells acidic or lemony, don’t use it for grout cleaning.

Reason #7:Water Damage

Water damage also corrodes grout easily. Hence, it’s best to contact repair people the soonest time possible should you experience leaks or drainage issues in areas where you have tiles installed. The quicker you get your water damage problems fixed, the safer your tile grout will be. Avoid unnecessary hassles by regularly checking and inspecting your water and drainage system. 

You Need Experts to Deal With Your Regrouting Needs 

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