7 Must Needed Maintenance Tools for Your Apartment in Chicago

Chicago, the windy city, is a prime destination for people who love to have a lavish lifestyle in a well-controlled environment. The city is always trying to cope with the ever-growing population. The owners of these places are also coming up with new services and amenities to make your experience even better. However, there are some tasks you will need to do yourself when living in an apartment in this city.

If you are looking for Chicago apartments for rent or already found one, you will need some mandatory items to provide maintenance for various personal stuff. Fixing any issue yourself will save you the money and even please the owners. So, here are the seven most needed tools you should take in your Chicago apartment.

1. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are a major part of any maintenance toolbox. Aside from tightening or loosening screws, they are used for various tasks. For instance, you may need one to open a paint can. Screwdrivers come in two types, flathead ones and Phillip-head ones. Also, you may need them in various sizes.

2. Hammer

Hammers are another tool that you must have in your collection. You can use hammers to strike nails on the wall or fix something. Get a hammer with a claw in the back to help you in putting out nails as well. The size of the hammer should be ideal for your hand size.

3. Pliers

This tool holds great importance while doing fixing works, especially with metallic objects. A plier can be useful in bending a metal, returning it to the right position, or just holding something firmly. Just like hammers, your plier should also have a proper handle size so that you can get a good grip.

4. Wrench Set

Covering a wide range of tasks, a wrench set is a highly important toolset you should get if you want to complete your toolbox. A wrench set comes with wrenches of various sizes that can be used to handle different types of nuts and bolts.

5. Flashlight

Even with fully functioning lighting systems, there can still be part of the house that can be a little dim or dark. Let’s not forget about having a stormy load-shedding. A flashlight will greatly save you in these situations as you also will want to save your mobile battery.

6. Duct Tape

As you face small issues, you may want to fix them properly but don’t have the time. Duct tapes are a way to temporarily hold them down so that you can fix them at a later time.

7. Multi-tool Utility Knife

A multi-tool utility knife is like a miniature version of a complete toolbox. It has many different functions and can be used to tackle a wide variety of small tasks. It has knives, screwdrivers, scissors, and many other essential features, all in one.


With that being said, you should also get a toolbox that has spaces for all types of tools. It is storage for all the items mentioned above and other stuff like nails, nuts, and bolts. Just like how a bucket is a tool while cleaning a house, a toolbox is also a tool while fixing things.

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