Key Features to Include in Your 2021 Landscape Design

Are you planning to update your landscape design in 2021? Maybe this will be your first real landscape design you’ve ever created as you work to design an outdoor space that is welcoming and functional. Landscape design can be a bit intimidating to beginners, as there is just so much to consider and plan. So, before you get caught up in the choices and stress, here are some key features that you’ll want to be sure you include in the design.

Greenery and Color Bring Beauty to the Space

One of the first things you’ll want to plan out is how you will incorporate greenery and color to your landscape design. Gardens and trees add interest, beauty, nature, and color to the outdoors and can also help to add privacy to the space and even create different “zones” in a large yard.

When you are picking the flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees, be sure to also consider the light/shade conditions, soil conditions, and how much maintenance you are willing to put into the garden. You can also add an extra touch by putting mulch or river rocks in the garden, which look beautiful and help to retain the moisture in the soil. This is perfect for areas that are prone to drought.

Water Features - Don't Discount the Impact They Can Have

Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, water features can add a whole lot to your landscaping design. In fact, a water feature can act as a focal point in any attractive landscape design. Water features can be a small little fountain, or something larger like a pond you make yourself. What makes these water features so great is that they add a sense of nature and beauty to the yard, and in the case of fountains, they create a lovely ambient background sound.

Cap Everything Off with Outdoor Lighting

What’s the perfect way to cap off your landscape design? With a fabulous exterior lighting plan, of course. Lighting not only makes the space bright at night, it also acts as a design feature since you can use lighting to highlight architectural features of your home, your garden, large trees, walkways, patios/decks, water features, and more. There are so many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from that you can get really creative in this category.

How Will You Incorporate a Seating Area in the Design?

Because you want to be able to enjoy your beautiful new landscape design, you’ll also want to include some sort of seating area in the plan. This could be a patio or deck, or just an area of the yard that you map out and place seating in.


At the end of the day, creating a perfect landscape design is all about planning and purpose. Taking the time to address each of those issues will help you to go about the design process in a more thoughtful and effective manner.


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