Top Items to Get the Most Out of Your Saws

A bare tool is usually good enough for basic projects. However, the more you use a saw of any configuration, the more you realize the need for assisting accessories. In this guide by experts, you will learn about the most helpful accessories for different saw types.

1. Miter Saw

miter saw accessories

Here are the most helpful miter saw accessories:

  • Miter saw stand – using a portable miter saw stand, you can gain extra support for the tool and the workpiece. Actually, it’s a must-have accessory for everyone who uses this tool away from the workbench. Portable models are foldable, so it’s very easy to transport them in a pickup truck. You can also use the stand wheels to move your tool around the worksite
  • Precision track and stop kit – this set of clamps lets you ditch the pencil and tape measure and make precise cuts much faster. If you frequently have projects that require repetitive cuts, this kit will be extremely helpful
  • Crown molding tool – using this tiny accessory, you can simplify making compound-angle cuts for the crown moldings. The tool holds the workpiece almost under any custom angle and lets you easily find the right angles for the inside and outside corners
  • Roller support stand – this auxiliary stand with a roller on top is very helpful when you need additional support for those long workpieces. You can pair it with a workbench or a portable stand to process long pieces without help from another worker
  • Laser marker – a laser that projects a line right on the workpiece shows where exactly the blade will cut when you pull it down. Many modern saws are already equipped with the item, but you may need to attach it with your own hands too

2. Jigsaw

jigsaw attachments

Using these jigsaw attachments, you can largely boost accuracy and overall productivity:

  • Jigsaw guides (jigs) – straight-edge and square-cutting guides are great accuracy improvers. The first one will help you make accurate straight cuts, while the second option is good for short, straight crosscuts. You can also opt for a circle-cutting jig to make perfectly even circles
  • Molding coping jigs – molding is usually done with a miter saw or a coping saw, but you can use a coping jig to do the same job with your jigsaw. It’s an excellent money-saving solution
  • Dust collection kit – similar to any saw, a jigsaw produces dust and debris. Using a dust collection kit, you can adjust your tool for vacuum connection. The option to work almost without messing up the workspace is an effective, time-saving measure

3. Circular Saw & Track/Plunge Saw

circular saw accessories

If you want to make quick, accurate cuts with your circular saw, consider these items:

  • Guide rail – you should purchase this accessory as soon as you buy the saw as it’s impossible to cut large workpieces accurately without it. The rail lets you simply put the saw on the workpiece and push it forward to make a straight cut. There are multiple types of rails from different manufacturers to choose from. Don’t forget to get an adaptor for your saw to make it compatible with the rail system
  • Circle-cutting guide – this item lets you fixate an end of the beam in the center of the workpiece and move the saw axially to make perfect circle cuts of almost any diameter
  • Guide rail clamps – although most rail systems offer non-slipping surfaces, they can’t give a 100% guarantee. If you want rock-solid fixation of your rail guide, always use a pair of clamps. For tracks that don’t have any traction at all, you also need to purchase rubber traction strips and attach them to the bottom of each rail guide
  • Beam cutter – this crazy attachment lets you extend the cutting capacity of your circular saw from 1.5-3” to as many as 12”. It’s an exciting option to turn your circular saw into a chainsaw for cutting posts, logs, and beams without losing precision

4. Chainsaw

sharpening chainsaw

Chainsaws offer tough cutting power, which seems to be enough on its own, but it still can be improved with these items:

  • Sharpening kit – chainsaws can get blunt quite quickly, especially if you cut a lot of hardwood, so a decent sharpening kit is a must-have. It should come with round and flat files, a file handle, and a set of file guides. Learn how to sharpen the chain properly to extend its longevity
  • Portable sharpening stone grinder – if you have a shortage of time and need to maintain the sharpness of the blade, you can try this portable solution to sharpen the teeth without leaving the worksite or even stopping the saw. All you need is to wear the accessory and accelerate a few times
  • Tree-felling wedges – by inserting the wedges into tree cuts, you can easily stabilize the tree and make it fall in the right direction. Every logger must have these helpful tools to maintain safety on the logging site
  • Protective chaps – even if you are a chainsaw master with years of experience, you can never predict an accident. Wearing wrap chaps, you can protect yourself not only from those high-speed chips but also from the chainsaw blade if it somehow approaches your legs. The blade will be stopped by the fibers of multiple protective PVC layers, and you won’t be injured

5. Reciprocating Saw

reciprocating saw attachments

Using the right attachments, you can extend the range of your reciprocating saw with scraping, brushing, scratching, and scrubbing.

  • Scraper blades – these blades will help you scrape up linoleum tiles, glued-down carpeting, resilient flooring, etc
  • Wood rasp – this file-like attachment with small sharp teeth all over the plate surface is great for shaping wood parts
  • Grout rake –  if you need to scratch out the hardened grout from between the tiles, carbide-covered grout rakes can help you do this in no time
  • Scouring pad – cleaning terribly contaminated tiles or a BBQ grill is a tough deal, but you won’t get stuck with it if you have a ‘recip’ saw with a scouring pad. It’s a cheap and effective harsh-cleaning solution

Only for Good

Now you can gather a top-notch set of accessories for your favorite cutters and significantly boost your projects’ quality. Some will ease your job, while others will add new functions to the tool and make you a more versatile professional or DIYer. Enjoy!

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