Tips for Installing Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are an essential part of keeping your home safe for you to live in. They save you from a lot of trouble, such as leaks and dampness issues. It is necessary to keep your drainage system in check, especially before the rainy or winter season. Clean your gutters, if necessary.

Your gutters will get constant beating during the rainy season as they would hold large amounts of rainwater. Plus, they also have to deal with debris and strong winds, so much so that some gutters get displaced from their attachment to the roof framing.

If ever your gutters are not correctly installed, it can cause leaks and you may have to reinstall them or replace them entirely. Here are some useful tips to help you fix your rain gutters properly.

Choosing the Right Gutter Type

One of the critical elements that you have to consider before replacing your rain gutters is the gutter type. When you go out in the market and look for the right material to use, you’ll get easily overwhelmed by the tons of options that you can choose from, like the type of material or the size of the gutter. To correctly select the best gutters, you have to take into consideration the weather in your region and the external appearance of your house.

Using Correct Installation Tools

If you’re going to install rain gutters on your own, it is a must that you have the right tools to get the job done. You have to have blind rivets, hand rivets, tin snippers, pliers, silicone guns, and measuring tape, to name a few. Installing custom length gutters, however, is not advisable for a DIY job. It needs professionals with technical know-how to install one properly.

Accurate Slope Calculation

Some people think that rain gutter installation is easy. This thinking comes from the idea that when they look at a particular rain gutter system, it appears that it is merely parallel to the building line. However, in reality, it has a slight inclination that allows rainwater to flow into the downspout with ease. Knowing slope calculation is a must.

Proper Gutter Placement

Many people mistake that gutter placement should be directly in line with the building line. Rainwater drips down under the roof, and this will cause the water to run behind the gutters placed too high. This placement can cause damage to the fascia boards. Gutters must be a few inches lower than the roof.

Hanger Spacing

The accuracy of hanger placing depends on your region. If you live in an area that receives massive amounts of rainwater, then your hanger spacing should be at least 450 centimetres.

Installation of Flashing

An often overlooked feature when installing rain gutters are slide and edge flashings. Installing these will stop water from going to the back of your gutters, which can cause fascia boards to rot. Note that flashing must be installed under the shingles and roofing paper.

Final Thoughts

Proper installation of rain gutters is a must if you want to keep the integrity of your house intact. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that an improperly placed gutter can cause foundation problems for their homes, just like how cracks can.

Often, homeowners choose to DIY their gutter installation thinking they’d save money only to end up spending more because it has to be redone. Installing rain gutters is best left to the professionals. They have the right knowledge about it, they know which materials to use, and they know how to install it properly. Plus, they can cover their work with a warranty. No one can place a cost on the peace of mind you’ll get when you know your house is safe.

Our ultimate tip: go for a licensed contractor that will offer you the best deal possible.

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