How to Use a Steak Knife?

Dining manner is considered as a supreme thought in many countries. Before attending a formal dinner, you have to ensure that you have taken perfect dining etiquette. Because, it will reflect upon your manners.

There are many utensils used on the dining table and a steak knife is one of them. A steak knife is a smaller one and is used for cutting meat or fish steak while eating. It is very sharp and usually the handle are made of wooden. It helps to hold the knife easily. But, you have to use the steak knife in the right way. Otherwise, it will look very odd in your dining etiquette.

Most of us don’t know, how to use a steak knife in the right way. So, you may fall in the wrong position in front of the people in a formal dinner. If you are here, you should not worry about it as we will instruct you how to use a steak knife.

There are two styles for using a steak knife. The first one is American style and the second one is European or continental style. Let’s see the two methods:

How to Use a Steak Knife - American Style and European Style

1. American Style

American Style

Hold the Knife and Fork Right Way

You should hold the steak knife in your dominant hand and the fork in the other hand. Ex. A right-handed man will hold the knife in his right hand. Moreover, one must keep your index finger on the base of the knife. You should hold the fork like a pencil and keep the fork downward.

Cut the Steak Properly and Switch Hands

You should cut the steak with the knife slowly and you have to hold the food under the fork. Later, turn the fork around 180 degrees while cutting.

After cutting the steak you have to switch the knife and fork. Keep the knife on the plate at 12 O’clock and 3 O’clock style on top of the plate. Then hold the knife in your non-dominant hand and fork in your dominant hand. Now, eat the steak with the fork keeping tines upward.

Signal if You are Resting from Eating or Finished Eating

If you are talking or resting from eating, you can give a signal with the knife and fork. Don’t speak or call the waiter with holding the fork or knife. Put the knife at 12 O’clock and 3 O’clock angle. And , You must keep the fork upward.

There is a rule of showing that you have finished eating. Keep the knife and fork parallel and keep the handles at 5’O clock. Added that you have to be clear that your fork is remaining upward.

2. European Style (Continental Style)

European Style

Hold the Steak Knife in the Dominant Hand and Fork in the Non-Dominant Hand

You have to hold the steak knife in your dominant hand for cutting and you don’t need to put down the knife on the plate. Keep the index finger straight on the base of the knife opposite to the sharp side. Hold the fork in your other hand and keep the tines downward.

Your index finger should remain straight and you have to wrap around the handle. That’s why, it is a hidden handle method. You do not need to switch the knife and fork after cutting.

Cut and Eat

Give a gentle pressure with the knife to cut the steak perfectly and in one pressure. You have to keep the food down to the fork. The fork should remain upward. You should not keep your elbows uncomfortable.

Like American style, you should not switch the knife and fork at eating. Keep the tines of the fork upward while giving the steak to the mouth. Cut more pieces at a time with the knife.

Give Signal while Resting or Finished the Dinner

Like American style, you have to give a signal in continental style, if you are not eating or have finished the eating. If you are taking a rest, you have to keep the knife and fork as like “X” on the plate. Moreover, keep the knife below the fork and keep the tines down.

The signal of American style and European style at the time of finishing the dinner is almost the same. You have to keep the fork and knife parallel and the handles should remain at 5 O’clock. But, keep the tines downward.


We all should eat food with a steak knife in a proper way. There are two styles of eating with a steak knife. Now, you know the all two methods from the article. Whatever you follow either American style or European style, you must eat etiquette way.

Don’t mix up the two styles. This will become very odd. Follow the instruction of any method and remember them serially while start eating with a steak knife. Hope that now you can take your dinner perfectly with the steak knife.

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