How to Use Pressure Washer for House Cleaning

Using a pressure washer for house cleaning is quite common, especially if it’s for the outdoors. It makes use of a high-velocity power washer hose wand to clean any tough dirt, soot, grime, and mildew on your house’s exterior.

A pressure washer hose is best used during general maintenance or when you want to prepare your house exterior for painting. Though it’s easy to operate this equipment, you still need to adhere to important regulations when cleaning house with pressure washer. To avoid unnecessary accidents and damages, we recommend that you follow this guide.

Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning the Windows

Whether you are prepping your windows for repainting or just want to wash away all types of debris and dirt, you can use a greenworks pressure washer, one of the best units for home cleaning.

Here are the accessories that you need

  • Multi-use soap
  • 60-degree “detergent use” nozzle
  • “General use” nozzle

How to use them?

First, you need to make sure that the glazing around the window panes is intact and that the caulking is still in its best condition. Put the pressure washer soap into the washer’s reservoir. Then, activate the wand that contains the soap tip.

Because windows are made of glass, you need to handle it with great care. Lower the pressure of your pressure washer hose and gun. Only use a 60-degree angle spay if possible. You can also use a wand at a 45-degree angle. Then, with a “general use” nozzle at 25-degree angle, remove the soap along with the dirt.

To avoid any damages on the windows, we suggest that you use 1,200 pressure washer house PSI.

Cleaning the Gutter

Cleaning the Gutter

Pressure washer house cleaning, specifically for the gutter, is essential as you need to make sure that the water flows smoothly from the roof to the pipes and out the drains.

There’s one accessory that you need

  • Gutter cleaner attachment

So how do you start?

First, attach the gutter cleaner at the end of the pressure washer house cleaner wand. Then, hook it up to the garden hose. Position the gutter cleaner and start cleaning the dirt and leaves away.

Cleaning the gutter will require more power as compared to cleaning house windows pressure washer. Look for a 2000 to 3300 PSI equipment.

Cleaning the Siding

Cleaning the Siding

It can be quite a hassle to clean your house’s siding, especially if you don’t use a pressure washer house wash wand. With the right equipment though, you can clean the entire house exterior in one afternoon.

Before you start, prepare these accessories

  • Multi-use soap
  • “General use” nozzle
  • 25- to 45-degree nozzle
  • Brush attachment

How to clean the siding?

Once pressure washer house siding accessories have been prepared, you can start to rinse the dirt on the house’s base. Then, apply pressure wash house cleaning detergent from the bottom up. After about 10 minutes, wash the soap with the use of the 25- to 45-degree nozzle. When necessary, use the brush attachment to remove the most stubborn stains.

Sidings are usually made of vinyl or other stronger materials. To clean it, you need a heavy-duty pressure washer. Use a model with 2500 to 3000 PSI.

To learn more about the process, watch this YouTube pressure washing your house video:

Cleaning the Patio

Cleaning the Patio

Algae, moss, and lichen can easily make their way into your patio floors. You can try to manually brush the dirt away, but it will take you several hours to finish. Using a pressure washer for house cleaning is a more convenient and quicker way to get the job done.

What accessories will you need?

  • Multi-use soap
  • “Detergent use” nozzle
  • Rotary pencil jet nozzle
  • Brush attachment

How to clean the patio?​

Start by removing all loose debris like leaves. After which, you can get your “detergent use” nozzle with a pressure washer house cleaning solution. There are specific detergents meant for wood, stone, and tile. So, make sure that you use the right one. Then, start spraying water on your patio floor.

The best pressure washer for house cleaning comes with a rotary pencil jet nozzle. This gives you about 80% more power, which is important because you need at least 2100 pressure washer PSI for house cleaning.

Safety Tips

You need not only protect your house when cleaning with a pressure washer; you also need to protect yourself.

Follow these safety guidelines:

  • Use eye protection
  • As much as possible, don’t use ladders
  • Stay away from power lines
  • Practice handling less powerful nozzles before the high-powered ones
  • Don’t aim the pressure washer wand on anyone


Operating a pressure washer for house cleaning can be more complicated than what most people think. However, they do help in doing the job quickly and efficiently. Just make sure to follow the guidelines above.

Vera Watson

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