How To Use A Strap Wrench And When You Should!

If you’re thinking of renovating your home or if you’re a person who enjoys tackling things hands-on then you’ve most likely heard of a strap wrench before. If you don’t know how to use when then you’re in luck because we’ve made an entire guide that will help you learn how to use a strap wrench.

Strap Wrench

Like the name suggests, a strap wrench is a wrench. This wrench is particular in the way that it is used, though, because it grips objects by the straps which they come with. You must be thinking, then: how does it keep its grip?

  • Well, that has a simple answer. A strap wrench uses friction to prevent objects from slipping. Not only this, but the majority of these wrenches have handles so that you’ll have a firm grip of your wrench while you’re using it
  • If you have a strap wrench without a handle then that’s because it’s used for the purpose of being adjusted with the square drive that you can find on ratchet wrenches
  • One of the best features of strap wrenches is that because straps are made from materials like rubber, it’s unlikely that whatever you’re working on will suffer any damage or wear. These straps also adjust to fit different objects

When To Use A Strap Wrench?

Use A Strap Wrench

You might not think of using a strap wrench right away. With all of the tools in your toolbox, this one often goes unnoticed. That being said, it is incredibly useful because it can get you out of a lot of very difficult situations.

So, what can you use them on?

That’s a great question.

  • You can use strap wrenches for pretty much any basic household handiwork. That means you can use strap wrenches for knobs, pipes, and pretty much anything else that’s cylindrical. Most often, though, you’ll use it to loosen or remove objects
  • If you have a hard time in the kitchen, you can even use your strap wrench to remove lid jars. It uses little strength on your part, which is why you might find it so useful

How To Use A Strap Wrench

  • The first thing you have to do to use a strap wrench is to take whichever object you’re using. Once you’ve done this, you’re going to want to take your rubber straps and loop them around the object. It doesn’t matter if you want to remove the object or if you want to simply loosen it; loops the straps anyway
  • Your strap wrench should come with instructions which aid you to tighten and adjust them to fit the size of your object. Pull the strap(s) tightly so that it gets held in place properly. It will do so because when you pull tightly on them, there are ridges which adjust with the wrench to hold it all together
  • Next, you need to take a hold of the handle. Make sure you have a firm grip on it and turn it so that the object twists right off. While you’re doing this, you might find that the straps slip off; however, you can very easily replace them and keep going
  • Normally, this is enough to remove or loosen the object in question. If it isn’t, though, then you can apply oil or grease to the area you’re using the strap wrench on. This will make it much easier to twist off


Are you looking to fix objects around your home? Do you have to renovate your bathroom and loosen some of the drains so that you can replace it all? No matter what your situation is, we have your back.

One of the best ways for you to renovate your home is to use a strap wrench. Strap wrenches are incredibly useful tools because not only do they remove items, but they loosen them too. Strap wrenches come with straps which can adjust to fit any size of an object.

In this guide, you can read about what a strap wrench is. Not only this, but you can read about when you need to use one and how you can do so. In the case that your strap wrench doesn’t come with a manual, you can use a strap wrench all on your own.


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