How To Start A Gas Pressure Washer

Whether you are concerned about the stains or gunk and grime, a gas pressure washer comes handy every time. It is easy to move and operate and requires minimum skills to use. Nevertheless, starting a gas pressure washer for the first time might be a tricky one unless you know the ins and outs thoroughly. Therefore, after expanding a substantial time on research, I have jotted down the instructions on how to start a gas pressure washer. We have carefully selected these instructions so that it comes handy for both a newbie and an expert.

Easy Steps To Start A Gas Pressure Washer

Setting up a gas pressure washer is easy. Nonetheless, your failure to start it properly might be detrimental for the equipment. Therefore, you need to be on your toes while you set up the machine for the first time.

Start a gas pressure washer

Proper Preparation Is The Key

Before you start your gas pressure washer, you need to prepare the appliance with cautious steps. These steps are quite similar to an electric pressure washer too.

  • Begin with the checking of water filter that it is not clogged with grimes. Cross-examine twice that it is in the proper place
  • Connect the water hose with the washer and faucet
  • If you are using a high-pressure hose, then connect it with the wand and the pressure washer
  • Select the types of nozzle you want to use and install it cautiously. Selecting a faulty injector might damage the washer permanently
  • Fill the pressure washer and the hose as you turn on the water faucet. It will fill up the tube. Press the trigger of the pressure washer to release the water. It will purge out the air from the hose too

Never Forget To Check The Oil

The quality of the oil mostly affects the performance of your gas pressure washer. So, We recommend you to check the oil before you start the gas pressure washer.

  • Ensure that the oil you are using is clean
  • Turn off the fuel valve before adding the oil
  • You need to ensure that the oil level is slightly above the indicated line. To check the oil level, place the washer in a plain ground and clean the oil tanker. Then add oil in it
  • If you are using a previously used oil, make sure it is in the right state. It should be transparent with yellowish to gold color if the oil is dark remove and insert new oil
  • Lastly, make sure that the fuel Valve is turned off

Adding Fuel Is Necessary

A gas pressure washer is designed with 4-cycle engines and therefore, it doesn’t require an oil-fuel mixture likewise the electric pressure washers.

  • At first, thoroughly examine the fuel level in the washer
  • Take a funnel and pour the fuel into the tanker
  • While adding fuel use a stabilizer for better performance
  • If you are using a previously used oil, make sure it is in the right state. It should be transparent with yellowish to gold color if the oil is dark remove and insert new oil
  • Add fuel according to the manufacturers’ guideline written on the user manual

Note: Using ethanol-based fuel is harmful to small engines. Therefore, we recommend you to use ethanol-free fuel. Using a fuel above E 10 standard is also discouraged.

Turning The Fuel Valve On

When you add fuel on the tanker, the valve should remain turned off.

  • At first, find out the machine off/on the switch and turn it on
  • Locate where the fuel valve is and then bring it to the 'Open' position. If you find it challenging to identify the valve, see the user manual

Starting The Choke And Throttle

The fuel throttle and choke are the two main components of a gas pressure washer.

  • Find the choke and bring it to 'open' state. In most of the washers, it is located on the left side
  • Put the fuel throttle in 'max' position to generate the power

Time To Run The Gas Pressure Washer

After you have completed the steps mentioned above, finally its time you ran the pressure washer.

  • With one hand, pull the starter grip so that the machine starts running
  • Pressure the trigger firmly with your other hand to release the initial pressure
  • Wait for few moments until the engine runs in full strength
  • Finally, put the choke in the closed position to start operating with your gas pressure washer

Never Ignore The Safety Issues

The Safety Issues

You should always operate your gas pressure washer with safety measures. Therefore, carefully release the air pressure from the tool as you trigger the wand. Otherwise, it might affect the machine. Always turn off the switch and lastly, remove the hose from the faucet and pressure washer.

Things You Should Never Forget

user manual

More often or not, we forget to read the user manual coming along with the gas pressure washer. We strongly discourage this practice. A user manual is made to assist you throughout the lifetime of your machine. Reading and realizing the guidelines will not only help you to know how you should start the gas pressure washer but also will help you to understand how it works. It will be fruitful in the long run.

Final Thought

Starting your gas pressure washer isn’t a magnum opus work. You should be able to start and use it with ease as long as you follow this easy guideline and tips crafted especially for you.

Vera Watson

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