How to Select the Top Plumbing Contractors in Fairfax Station?

Excellent plumbing is essential for any residential or commercial property. It ensures that the flow of water and the outflow of sewage are in good working order. Whether you’re in the market for plumbing maintenance or to get your plumbing set up in a new property, you must hire the services of the right plumbing contractor.

Plumbers can help you with fixing faucets, changing the hot water functionality to cleaning the gutters.

This article will explore the things you need to look out for in picking one out that fits the needs of your home.

Determine What You Need

There are different types of plumbing needs in Fairfax Station, and there is even a stark difference between residential and commercial plumbing. Before you go out contacting the first plumber that you find, determine what kind of plumber you need first.

Start the search from there. It will make things easier on your end.

You can check out services such as The people at DM Select Services will help determine what you need.

Once you have a list of plumbers that you wan to contact, ask them what other services they provide as well.

Get a Licensed Contractor

Licensed Contractor

The first thing that you have to look out for is their license to do plumbing. Although it is a prerequisite before you can do any plumbing work, checking out if they are licensed to perform their duties is still a must.

There are three different levels of plumbing licensing in Virginia: journeyman, master, and contractor. One can say that any plumber of these three levels can attend to their needs, but it is still advised that you go with one with the most experience if you’re working with a large, complex project.

Although an unlicensed plumber might be able to get the job done, getting a licensed one means that the state has assured that they know what they are doing.

Check Out Their Old Client List

A list of a contractor’s old clients is a good indicator of the experience that they have in dealing with projects of varying complexity. The more similar cases they’ve dealt with in the past, the better equipped they are at dealing with the situation that you have with your establishment.

You can approach several contractors and ask them who they have worked within the past, and you can even ask them what sort of projects they’re good with.

There’s nothing wrong with doing your due diligence since plumbing works do cost a significant amount of money to pursue. By doing this, you will be able to avoid contractors with limited experience with what you need to be done in your home or business.

How Long Have They Been in the Business

Apart from their client list, finding out how long they have been in the business is an excellent way to find out their proficiency. You will find that people who have been in a trade longer are more proficient with what they are doing, and they have developed specializations.

Plumbing contractors are usually required to have a couple of years of experience before they are allowed to operate on establishments and residences.

Ask them what they specialize in and if they can handle a project of your scope and magnitude. If it’s easier for them to do a project, you will have effective results that won’t break the bank.

Check if They Are Bonded and Insured


Accidents can happen during plumbing jobs, and as much as they are unfortunate, they need to be planned for. One of the most important things to check is if your plumber is bonded and insured. This would mean that should an accident happen during the plumbing job; you won’t be liable for anything.

This keeps things professional between you and your plumbing contractor. It allows you to minimize your losses should there be any, and it protects you as well.

Reviews and Word of Mouth

Any product or service that’s reliable and proven will most definitely have kind words said about their work. The best way to check this out is to ask around.

If you are looking for the right plumbing contractor, you can always ask establishment owners or other residents which plumbers they’ve dealt with in the past. They will be able to give you a good recommendation based on their experience.

Alternatively, once you’ve created a short list of plumbers that you think can help you, you should go talk to them yourself. Find out first hand if they’re up to your standards.

Another extra guideline would be to check reviews for the business online. If the company has a Google My Business page, then they should have a couple of reviews to their name provided that their former customers have given the reviews.

If you want to take it a step further, you can check if they have complaints from the BBB. Complaints from the BBB do not necessarily mean you should avoid a plumber altogether – since they should have a justifiable response – but they serve as a method for you to check out their service.

Contact Multiple Plumbers for an Estimate

plumbing contractors 2

Don’t just settle for one contractor because this won’t help you save money. You will want to connect with a couple of plumbers to determine what the best price and services are for your specific needs.

Make use of free quotations because this is the only way that you can save money with the services that you may require of them. You can also use this time to find out what different opinions different plumbing contractors have concerning your issue. It allows you to check their experience in dealing with different issues as well as each plumbing contractor might have a different opinion.

In order for you to have the best services, you should shop around for the best people for the job.


There are several ways to find the best plumbing contractors, but the most important part is determining if they are the right people for the job that you have at hand. Make sure you exercise your due diligence when it comes to picking out the best residential or commercial plumbing contractor like Fixed Today Sydney.

Vera Watson

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