How To Revamp Your Bedroom With Temporary Decoration

Your bedroom is a special place in your home. It is where you go to relax after the hustle and bustle of the day. It is, therefore, important that your bedroom is welcoming and comfy.  You probably do not know where to begin redesigning your bedroom because there are many elements that you would want to change. Here are some helpful tips to guide you in improving your bedroom décor.

1. Update Your Lighting

Lighting is a very important feature of your bedroom décor. Lighting allows you to highlight some features in your room. The first step in updating your lighting is to replace old light shades with new models. Try a light shade with a lighter color to diffuse the light across a wider area.

It would be best if you also considered changing the bulbs. When choosing bulbs for your bedroom, you should consider the amount of brightness they emit. Bulbs do not only vary in terms of brightness but also colors.

Blue bulbs promote a sense of alertness. Studies have shown that blue bulbs suppress the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Warm colors like yellow help trigger feelings of relaxation and are, therefore, best suited for your bedroom.

2. Upgrade Your Wall Colors

upgrade wall colors

A great way to add spirit and atmosphere in your bedroom is to choose the right colors. Neutral colors are a classic choice for your bedroom because they work with bright colors in your carpeting, curtains, bedding, and artwork. Neutral walls accent vivid patterns and colors to transform the space in your bedroom. Examples of neutral colors are black, grey, and ivory. 

Pastel wall colors are relaxing and soft and promote serene surroundings. Examples of pastel colors include greens, lavenders, pinks, yellows, and soft blues. A room with a pastel wall color looks elegant and romantic.

Expressive colors are bright and bold. These wall colors are suited for energetic people who love saturated colors. For example, if you prefer bright interiors, deep green walls will work for you. Experiment with combinations like dark red or green to create a lively mood in your room.

3. Incorporate Wall Art

If your walls are empty spaces of white, you might need artwork to make them more alive. Hang your favorite paintings, posters, or family photos. There are many prints and posters you can find online, which you can use to liven up your bedroom. Try combining multiple pieces to make a stunning wall gallery.

Another great way to incorporate wall art is through the use of wallpaper. You can choose from a wide collection of wallpapers here to find the appropriate collection that complements your room's walls and décor. You can also use wallpaper to disguise wall imperfections like dents on the walls, using visual tricks.

4. Upgrade Your Bed and Furniture

upgrade bed and furniture

To determine which bed is suited for your decorating needs, consider the bed you have: its size, style, and the comfort of your mattress. The first step is to determine the amount of space your bed will take up. One choice that helps create additional space and avoid clutter is a double bed with storage.

It would help if you also considered the length and thickness of the mattress. The choice of a mattress affects the quality of your sleep. When you sleep on your mattress, you place pressure on one part of your body, which triggers you to change positions in your sleep. This disrupts your sleep regularly, hence the need to choose a mattress with considerable firmness. A medium-firm mattress or firm mattress will help you get a good night's sleep.

Another crucial part of your bedroom décor is furniture. Choose the best combination of furniture based on your preferences and needs. You should carefully think over everything from your seats, dresser, shelves, and stand. Make sure you do not restrain movement with the amount of furniture in your room.


The bedroom is one of the most neglected rooms in the house when it comes to improving décor. However, many people spend a significant amount in their bedroom, especially at night. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to your bedroom's interior design. Some of the measures you can take to improve your bedroom décor include changing your lighting, wall colors, wall art, bed, and other furniture.

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