How to Prevent Raccoons from Calling Your House Their Home

Raccoons are one of those animals that people tend to get a kick out of and think they are “cute” from afar. Those warm and fuzzy feelings can shift real fast when suddenly the raccoons are making themselves comfortable and laying claim to your yard and home. And the problem with raccoons is when there is one there are more, as they like to stay in groups. Before you know it you could have a whole family of raccoons moving in. So, what steps can you take to ensure this doesn’t happen? We’ve got some tips you can use.

Take Away Their Food Source

If raccoons are calling your yard home, then you are likely unwittingly providing food and shelter to them. So, the first step will be to take away that food source. You’ll want to remove anything that they may be getting into, including garbage, compost, bird feed, pet food, and so forth. What can get tricky is if you are growing fruits or vegetables in a garden, as this will also attract them. Look for ways to cover them up in the evening so as to prevent the raccoons from getting at them.

Keep the Yard Clean and Tidy

Then we have the issue of shelter. If you've got a lot of debris, garbage, and items stored in your yard, these can offer the perfect nesting ground for raccoons. Be sure to keep your yard tidy and free of clutter/debris at all times.

Stay On Top of Roof and Gutter Maintenance

Raccoons are notorious for climbing onto the gutter system of your home, and then getting into the house itself thanks to holes and cracks in the roofing. This means roof and gutter maintenance should be part of your pest prevention measures. If you see any spots where they could be getting in, it’s important to address them immediately. You also want to be sure the gutters are kept clean and free of debris that they may be collecting.

Close Access Points in Yard

This is also a great time to look for any access points in your yard and seal them up. You may need to use wired mesh or wood to ensure it is secure. Pay close attention to spots like an outdoor shed and under your deck where they tend to love hiding.

Light and Sounds Can be Excellent Tools

One thing that raccoons really dislike is a well-lit yard in the evening and loud noise. This will have them feeling really nervous and can scare them off. That is ideal so that they don't think your yard is inviting.

Use a Variety of Deterrents

There are also a number of items that are known to be deterrents for raccoons that you can use in and around your yard. These include:

  • Garlic
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Urine from predators

Each of these will do a good job at warding off raccoons, but keep in mind results can take a little while.

Take Steps to Stop Your Raccoon Problem

These steps will help you to put an end to your raccoon problem, and prevent new ones from occurring.

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