How to Prepare So Your Cross Country Journey is Stress-Free

Moving cross country is not an easy task. There are various things to factor in, like find your next house and starting a new life over again, the burden of moving your things, and worrying about how life will be on the other side.

However, to aid the stress that comes with the movement, it’s crucial to engage a quality service moving company that will help you in the entire process.

But first, you need to prepare for the journey by packing your things into a suitcase to ease your cross country movement. Below are ways to pack your stuff into the suitcases. Ensure that each weighs below 50 pounds.

1. Sort the Essential Items

There are items that you need for your daily usage. It can be your clothes, shoes, furniture, among other stuff. But you may not need all the things. Choose the more valuable and useful stuff. 

2. Dispose of Unnecessary Items

Sort out your stuff and remove everything you do not want to keep. It may not be an easy choice to make. Eliminating some of your items can take you time to forgo, but you’ll eventually be okay. Throwing the items away will help you create space for the most important things. 

3. Donate or Sell Some of the Items

You may want to remove some items from your list, but you feel that they are still valuable. You have the option to sell or donate them. Much as it may be hard to say goodbye to the items, it is crucial to create more space.

4. Have Your Packaging Tools Ready

Packaging Tools

The obvious thing is that you’ll need to put your stuff together. You need suitcases with ample space and a carry-on to pack the small items. If you have a suitcase ready, then well and good, but if not, you’ll have to buy a new one or borrow from family members or friends.

5. Factor in Vacuum Sealer Bags

The most efficient way to pack your items is by using vacuum sealer bags. When packing the stuff, you’ll need a vacuum pump to suck the air in the sealer bags before zipping up. Once zipped, it’ll make the bags and the items tight and, at the same time, flattening them. 

6. Ensure every Item Fits In

There may be items that you do not want to pack in the vacuum sealer bags and want to fit in other things since you’ll have created enough space in there. Try to roll up the stuff to fill the random spaces.

7. Section the Stuff Together

Some items may not necessarily need to be in the vacuum sealer bag. The best way to pack them is by using zip lock bags. Use the bags to carry smaller items and other stuff you can’t seal in bags.

8. Go for an Airline with the Best Bag Check-in Deals

Best Bag Check-in Deals

Apart from getting suitcases and packing your items, the other thing that has high consideration is the type of airline to choose. Airlines charge for the checked-in luggage. But it depends on the type of airline. First, find out the airline policies before making a decision.

9. Avoid Buying Additional Items

There are times you may desire to buy more items before moving. It’s not the best step to take, and you need to avoid the temptation. You may find it a difficult thing to hold on, especially when visiting your home. But it’s the best decision to make your journey smooth.

10. Weigh the Luggage

Most airlines have the policy to weigh the suitcases and make the necessary payments ranging from 50 pounds in the US. To ease the stress, you can buy a luggage scale to weigh the suitcases.


Moving to another country can be an overwhelming task. But it can also be the most beautiful experience in life, especially when you plan well. It can also be an enjoyable journey when you quickly cope up with the new environment.


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