How to Pick Top Entryway Rugs for Your Home

When you walk into a house for the first time, you'll have a rug in front of you. Naturally, it'll create a long-lasting impression.

Whether the rug is stylish, clean, or welcoming depends on the owner. But, as a visitor, you'll have the feeling the entryway rugs provide you with during your entire stay at the guests' place.

So, think of it in the same way as for yourself. Indeed, picking the top entryway rugs can be a tedious job to do. However, we have introduced some points and tidbits you can bring into consideration when choosing one.

To pick the top entryway rugs for yourself, you'll have to consider the material, the sizing, how easy or hard it is to maintain, and many other points. However, you can easily pick one of the best-fitted rugs for your space all by yourself.

For a more in-depth buying guide for entryway rugs and how to choose one for yourself, keep reading our article below!

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing an Entryway Rug

The perfect interior of your home starts with something as simple as a rug. Is it hand-knotted, loomed, hand-woven? It doesn't matter as long as it's providing the perfect underfoot feeling for the people who're visiting your home.

An area-rug-based carpet is one of the hardest rug pads to choose from. You'll find an array of designs, colors, looms, and so on. But there are many things you should be considered primarily.

Let's get into some of the features you must not look over when picking out the top entryway rugs for yourself.

1. Size

Size of the Rug

When you think about a rug, you think of a non-slip accent rug perfectly sitting in front of your door.

However, it's very unlikely that you imagine a small rug in front of a humongous door. It's like thinking about the big guy in the small hat - it's odd and makes your living area unwelcoming.

The same goes for the rug when you think of one that has its corners folded over your entrance walls because it's too big for space. It'll make your house look smaller than usual, and let's be honest - it'll trigger a few people who are perfectionists.

When you choose a rug that will leave a lovingly welcoming and lasting effect in the guest's mind, you can tell us that you've achieved selecting the top entryway rugs.

Whether it's an outdoor rug that extends to the indoor, or a Persian handmade ivory rug - when it's adequately sized, it'll fit your living area like a cherry on top.

Hence, one of the most important things to remember before you pick out a rug for yourself is to measure your entrance. Take your measuring tapes out, and make sure to note down all the dimensions that you don't have to struggle with dilemmas about the sizing.

It's one of the most important things when purchasing an entryway rug, for sure.

2. Cleaning

One of the most important factors to consider when you're choosing a rug is - what['s the traffic like over there? And especially when it's an entryway rug, chances are, you'll have a dozen of footsteps over it every day.

With stepping over the rugs, comes cleaning. Also, don't forget to mention the kids and the pets prone to spilling food, drinks and bringing mud indoors. Considering all things, you must get a carpet that you can easily clean and won't stain.

Sometimes, if you vacuum a carpet, the fibers may come off. That creates a loss of unwanted dusting in your common space. If you're allergic to dust, or carpet wool, it'll be a nightmare for you.

Therefore, we suggest you definitely go for materials which suit you. Synthetic fibers are easy to clean and less prone to shedding - hence that's a good choice. But if you want the warmth of a tufted Moroccan rug, you'll have to take care of it.

3. Material

Material of the Rug

It should be possible for a rug in your entryway to survive heavy traffic, moisture, and stains. Choosing a cloth that is robust and simple to clean would make your beautiful rug durable for a long time. You'll want to avoid products such as fur, hide, or silk; for low-traffic environments, these delicate fabrics are best adapted.

The material of your oriental rug pad is very important. Whether it's for cleaning, withstanding all the foot traffic - trust us, it's important. Some of the rugs that commonly work in entryways include shag rugs, wool rugs, jute rugs, accent rugs, and so on.

However, some of the rug materials which fit well are polypropylene, wool, nylon, and natural fibers. They'll suit your entrance as well as make the cleanup process easier.

4. Pile Height

However, if you are not planning to keep the rug anywhere near the door, but say underneath furniture in your living or bedroom area, then you can go for thicker carpets.

People often forget to consider that choosing the top entryway rugs for themselves is the pile height. The pile height can be a little dangerous - it can make you trip if you're not used to carpets that have a little depth to them.

When you get a carpet at first, we suggest you get thinner rugs for your entryway if you're a first-timer. It'll be more convenient for you, your guests, and even your door will be able to slide through the rug pads underneath easily.

Final Words

Rugs, whether you like to hear it or not, as you reach a workplace, a restaurant, or a house, make an impact. These appear to be found anywhere and are taken for granted, yet you face the difficulty of finding one until you try to buy one.

I hope you have good knowledge about choosing top entryway rugs by now. There are so many choices available that you will not be able to make your mind up, and may end up buying the one that is not fitting for the decor you have in mind.

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