How to Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

Do you live in a rental property? Do you plan on staying in the rental unit for the foreseeable future? If so, there’s no doubt you will want to make it as comfortable as possible so that you can settle in. Even though the rental property isn’t owned by you, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like your home.

To help spark some inspiration, here are six ways in which you can make your rental property feel like a home and be comfortable there for many years to come.

1. Add Personal Touches

A great place to start is by adding personal touches to the property. This can include such things as keepsakes, collectibles, family photos and heirlooms. These are all unique to you and likely very cherished. They will set your home apart from others and reflect your personality and style.

2. Choose Cosy and Comfortable Fabrics

pillows and blankets

When you design a space that is cosy and comfortable it automatically feels like home. Using soft plush fabrics can help achieve this. You can pick up some throw pillows and blankets, and choose plush towels and luxurious linens. You’ll look forward to spending time in the space and it will feel like home.

3. Create Flow that Works for You

The flow of the property can also play into how homey it feels. It may be necessary for you to move furniture around, reconfigure rooms, get rid of some pieces or even buy new furniture. The flow needs to work for your needs and lifestyle.

4. Update Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures aren't something people necessarily think of when making their space feel like a home, but they can have a huge impact on the room. Choosing a fixture that better suits your own personal design preferences and works with your furniture will give the room a cohesive look.

5. Hang Items on the Wall

Don't be afraid to also hang items on the wall if it is allowed in your rental agreement. Artwork, mirrors and other objects that you can display will create interest and design style in the home.

6. Protect the Contents with Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

After going through all the trouble to make the property feel like your home, it's important to protect the contents. This is why tenant insurance makes sense, especially with the increasing number of people in the UK who rent rather than own.

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End Note

Just because you live in a rental and you don’t own the property, doesn’t mean it can’t feel like your own. There are all kinds of design tips and tricks that will allow you to update the space, personalise it and keep your comfort as a top priority.

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