How to Make a Great Entrance with Solar Power

When it comes to home improvements, many people often neglect the outside of their home. This is a shame as adding certain features or making some changes can improve the overall appearance of a home. Certain additions can add a lot more benefits than just looks.

Electric gates are an area that has been growing in popularity due to some surprising benefits that they have. However, electricity costs money and gates can be expensive to install.

With these two concerns in mind, are there any real reasons to add a gate to your home, will it improve anything, and how do you keep the costs down? 

Why You Should Add An Automated Gate To Your Home

You will find many tips for decorating your garden online, and these will often be useful. But, one area that can easily be ignored is the actual entrance to your home. This means the driveway, paths, and the front of the property.

Below are some of the advantages and benefits of having an electric or automated gate as the entrance to your home. And also why you should use solar power as your energy source.

automated gate

A Gate Will Add Value To Your Home

Or more importantly, an automated gate will add value to your home. A report on HomeAdvisor states that by adding an electric gate to a property, the value could rise by as much as $50,000.

This figure may need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but one thing is certain, adding an automated gate to the home’s entrance can enhance the value of your home for many reasons including the following:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Curb appeal

By using solar gate openers instead of electric versions, you will also be making your entrance environmentally friendly as well as elegant.

You can see more about these benefits in a little more detail below. 

Add Privacy To Your Home

Many people enjoy their outdoor areas, but due to modern living, it can sometimes feel as if there is little privacy with neighbors living on top of each other. When you are wondering how to make your backyard more private, you will probably consider the following ways.

Planting fast-growing trees is a popular method to create privacy with nature. Fences and walls are also common for creating boundaries and a shield from the outside world. Covered patio areas and summer houses can also give a certain amount of privacy. A gate with a fence or wall does the same thing and is one of the reasons that a property’s value is increased once they are installed. 

Improve The Appearance Of The Home

Adding any type of gate, but particularly one that is automated and powered by solar energy will make a home’s entrance far more elegant. Gates can be stylish and add a sense of quality to a home.

Solar energy doesn’t have to be restricted to the gate opener either. Having an elegant solar-powered gate can be further enhanced with the addition of lighting. Solar driveway lights beyond the gate can create quite the entrance. 

Solar-Powered Gates Are Convenient

If you choose to have an automated gate then you will soon be appreciating the ease of access. A solar-powered gate opener means that you no longer need to leave the car to gain access to your home, and there is no electricity to pay. 

Gates Add Security

When it comes to crime, gated property is far safer and less appealing to an intruder than one that is open. Burglary is the second most common property crime in the states.

Having a gate means that your property is enclosed keeping the occupants safer. The solar gate opener means that you remain in your vehicle as mentioned above, meaning that you are safe at all times.

It isn’t just crime that gates help with. They keep other unwanted guests away from the home too. Canvassers, marketers, even acquaintances you aren’t too fond of will be kept at more than arm’s length with a gated home. 

The Benefits Of Using Solar Power On An Automated Gate

Solar Power On An Automated Gate

Having an electric gate is great for improving security and increasing the value of your home, but it will also increase your energy bills. Solar power has many benefits for homeowners who employ its use around the property.

There are the cost savings of course, but using solar power means that the environment isn’t being harmed either. Solar power is a completely renewable power source that can be used without harm, unlike electricity. 


Creating an elegant entrance can be as simple as adding a gate to the front of your home. This will bring privacy, security, and possibly a better return on your investment when it comes to selling the home.

Adding a solar gate opener brings the extra benefit of convenience as you cruise into your driveway easily.

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