How To Make A Successful Move?

You have long prepared your boxes and bubble-wrapped your favourite knick-knacks... Finally moving day is coming! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your move and take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your living space.

You will soon move and land in an empty place with your furniture and boxes? What if you take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your living space? Your home sweet home will only be more welcoming for your rack! Here are some tips to get you started.

What Planning To Adopt For Its Sorting?

It is important to do this in advance, because the weeks before the move are stressful and mainly devoted to administrative procedures.

Before The Move

The easiest way is to start with the secondary rooms: cellar, attic, and garage. There are stored objects not used in everyday life, which will be easier to get rid of.

Then in the living rooms, we proceed space by space.

The idea being to make 3 bins: To keep, To give, To throw away.

The boxes will then be done naturally as you go. Above all, do not forget to note on each carton what it contains and its destination room.

After The Move

Define the storage spaces and quickly empty all the boxes, putting everything in its place.

Let's Clear Out!

A move is the ideal opportunity to get rid of the items you no longer want. For fear of not knowing how to explain their disappearance to the people who gave them to you, you have kept objects that do not go with anything you already have or that are useless and clutter you up.

Give them to a charity or barter them on the internet. It will be easy for you to claim afterwards that during the move, there were losses and breakage... If this seems too drastic to you, adopt the gentle method: you put all the objects you have a doubt about in a common box and "forget" to unpack it, the time it takes you to get your bearings in your new home. It will then be easy for you, after 15 days, to make a decision, even if the decision is simply to store the box in the cellar.

Make Good Resolutions

By the time you arrive at the place, it is certainly very impersonal, but probably also a pleasant feeling of space dominates. Within a few months, the feeling of space will have completely disappeared, as you will have deployed furniture, books, hi-fi equipment, clothes and shoes...

If you have children, you can count on them to make things worse quickly. What could be more efficient than a 2 year old toddler to transform a 70m2 into a toy closet where no one can move around? Two toddlers!!

What is the solution? There's not much, but a small detail may help you. At each important stage of filling the space, from the moment you arrive in the empty rooms to the moment you have emptied all the boxes, passing through the intermediate stage where you will have installed your furniture, take photos, lots of photos, with no one on it, just to keep track of the decor at a given moment.

When the feeling of overload arrives (it happens sooner or later!) you'll pull out your pictures to better see when you switched to the dark side of the accumulation.

The solutions, then, are easier to find. "Well, it was less cluttered when the shelves were empty." If the contents of the shelf give the impression of clutter, you may need to consider adding doors to hide the contents. Why not lacquered doors to reflect the light?

"Well, since we put in the couch, the living room seems tiny." Perhaps you had a longer stay or were otherwise disposed of before your move? Still, a piece of furniture may be unsuitable in your new apartment when it was custom-made in the previous one.

You have to come to terms with it and get rid of it, especially if it affects traffic and results in a sense of oppression.

Avoid Saturating The Room

When the rooms are saturated with objects, the feeling of suffocation is inevitable. It is then necessary to proceed methodically to the examination of what is in the room and to determine which objects must disappear.

A move is an ideal opportunity to do a real sorting out, but if such a project is not on the agenda, it would be a shame to let the situation get worse. Sell, donate, barter, or store in the cellar depending on the attachment you have for these items. Put in a common box all the objects for which you have a doubt and allow yourself 15 days to make a decision concerning them.

Partying With The Neighbors!

Partying with the neighbors

It is quite usual when you move somewhere to introduce yourself to your neighbors. A good way to get to know each other can be to organize an open house on a Sunday, having alerted your neighbors with a note in their mailbox.

Throughout the day, you will welcome your neighbors with coffee, tea and cakes. This will be an opportunity to find out about each other's habits and thus avoid mistakes such as practicing the piano at nap time for your neighbor’s baby.

Don't forget, if you are planning a housewarming party, to apologize in advance to your neighbors for the noise. If possible, don't turn your house-warming party into a party but explain to your guests that it is in your best interest not to disturb the neighborhood as soon as you arrive!

Another solution that can satisfy everyone: invite the neighbors to your housewarming party. This way they won't be bothered by noise and your relationship will start off on the right foot!

Steps To Be Taken

A move involves many unavoidable administrative procedures. Make sure that:

  • You have taken out a home insurance policy for your new place of residence and cancelled the old one by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
  • You forwarded your postal mail
  • You have prepared a list of organizations that will need to be notified of your change


To notify those around you of your change of address, you can acquire an ink pad with your new contact details, or make personalized change of address cards made to be attached to a nice note for your loved ones. This will be an opportunity to encourage them to come and visit you in your new cocoon, when you are out of the boxes and your decor begins to take shape.


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